WHITECHAPEL - drittes Album naht


WHITECHAPEL werden Ende Dezember das Audiohammer Studio in Sanford, Florida, überfallen um mit Produzent Jason Suecof ihr drittes Album einzuspielen. Erscheinen soll der Nachfolger des erfolgreichen 2008er Outputs "This Is Exile" im Frühling/Sommer 2010 via Metal Blade Records.

Gitarrist Alex Wade sagt: "We're really excited to announce that we will be hitting the studio in January with a producer who needs no introduction, Jason Suecof. Suecof has produced some of the most brutal metal albums to date and we are excited for him to get his hands on our new material to make it the heaviest music we've created thus far. Also, Dusty Peterson has been signed on to handle the artwork duties. His dark, yet meticulously detailed style of hand-drawn artwork is sure to bring out a truly vivid and brutal masterpiece.

"We really wanted our artwork for the record to speak as loudly for us as the music we are creating, thus Dusty was picked for his unbelievably realistic and detailed hand-drawn style.

"In this day and age where downloading a CD is as easy as typing the CD's name into a search bar, we wanted to make the artwork something creative and special for the fans who actually purchase the CD. Almost like owning a piece of art.

"As for the title and track listing, you'll just have to wait for that as the CD comes closer to completion."

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von Brütal 17.12.2009 09:32

....more brütal, heaviest Album ever. Oh mann, wat hammer Angst. Sind schon harte Jungs!

von The Grotesque 17.12.2009 13:50

was soll auch sonst geschrieben werden copy/paste

von Tobe 17.12.2009 15:09

naja, das so ne band schreibt moodiest album ever oder so erwartet sich auch keiner.

von Ray 17.12.2009 16:20

Welche Band würde denn bitte schreiben dass sie ihren alten Stil aufgeben und softer werden,vor allem in diesem Genre??

von Hurensohn 17.12.2009 22:58


von Ray 25.12.2009 18:13

Freu mich schon riesig bei den beiden kongenialen Vorgängern,vor allem This Is Exile war der Hammer 2008. Eine der wenigen wirklich guten DC-Bands