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WINDS OF PLAGUE sind in den Sound Temple Studios in Ranch Cucamonga mit Produzent Daniel Castleman (IMPENDING DOOM, AS I LAY DYING) dabei, das zweite Album, das mit "The Great Stone War" betitelt ist, aufzunehmen. Das Album soll noch 2009 über Century Media Records erscheinen.

Das sagt Sänger Johnny Plague zum neuen Output: "This week we lock ourselves inside Sound Temple Studios in Rancho Cucamonga, CA with the up-and-coming recording wizard Daniel Castleman. We will leave a month later drained and beat but with a new 12-track full-length named 'The Great Stone War'. This is the first time we have had to create an album from scratch, so we took advantage of the situation and built a themed, well-constructed album compared to 'Decimate The Weak', which I feel was more of a collection of songs."

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von Fab 30.04.2009 09:07

Ich freu mich tierisch auf das Album, Decimate The Weak war einfach nur der Wahnsinn:)