WISDOM IN CHAINS - Van geklaut mit Bandmitglied an Bord


WISDOM IN CHAINS (Spook City Records) wurde am Wochenende der Van gestohlen. Was der Dieb nicht wußte ist, dass eines der Bandmitglieder noch im Wagen war. Hier das Statement von Gitarrist Richie Krutch:

"We rolled into Columbus, OH at around 4am, we came straight to our boy's pad. Everyone went into the house to chat and catch some sleep, I decided to stay in the van, I was tired out, and like my privacy. Within an hour or two of being here some bastard jumps into our shit and starts driving it away, he didn't know I was in the back. I surprised this fucker with some blast to the dome, maybe 8/10 shots, eventually he ran off the road and crashed. I went flying all over the fucking place, and he was saved by the air bags, I grabbed a screwdriver to finish this sucker off but he split out fast. So now we are fucked, our van is demolished and we are in a rough situation. If anyone at all can spare a dollar or whatever, please do, we will def. appreciate it. You can pay @ PAYPAL.COM, send whatever to this e-mail address: DONGJOKA@HOTMAIL.COM"

Hier ein Bild des Vans.