WITH BLOOD COMES CLEANSING haben folgendes Update gepostet:

"After a long hiatus, WBCC will be back to playing shows in January! Although our jobs do not permit us to tour, we will be playing weekend shows around the Southeast when we can. We've already posted a couple shows and there will be more to come.

That's not all...some old faces will be rejoining the line-up! Michael Sasser on vocals, Spence Erickson on drums, and Pat Hood, our good friend from Remove the Veil, is on bass. Along with original member Jeremy Sims on guitar and long time member Scott Erickson on guitar.

We can't wait to play shows and see old faces again. We hope to see all of you that can make it there! Again thank you all for the support! Stand firm in the faith and God bless!"

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von jesusfreak 17.12.2008 17:38

gott sei dank. ;) i will stand firm in the faith and god bless me. YES!