World’s Sexiest Vegetarian Nominees


PETA hat die Nominierungen der "World’s Sexiest Vegetarian" bekannt gegeben. Die Tierrechtsorganisation dazu:

"Get those index fingers ready, gang, because it’s time for peta2’s second annual “World’s Sexiest Vegetarian” poll. We’re not sure if it’s all the antioxidant-filled veggie burgers or the tofu that gives vegetarians that certain glow, but whatever it is, it’s workin’ in their favor, because there are some mighty tasty meat-free folks out there.

We gotta warn you: Picking a winner from this year’s crop of sexy vegetarian nominees is gonna be tough. More of your favorite actors, musicians, athletes, and general celeb types are cutting meat out of their diets every day—in fact, new veggies are popping up so quickly that we can barely keep up! So check out the list, click away, and get your friends in on the act too."

Nominiert sind:
Adam Carson (AFI), Adam Russell (Story of the Year), Andy Hurley (Fall Out Boy), Billy Hamilton (Silverstein), Brandon Barns (Rise Against), Casey Calvert (Hawthorne Heights), Chris Brandt (Halifax), Chris Head (Anti-Flag), Chris Hannah (Propagandhi), Ed Templeton (Pro Skateboarder), Fred Mascherino (Taking Back Sunday), Aimee Echo (TheSTART), Aixa Vilar (Go Betty Go) und weitere..

Die komplette Liste und weitere Details kann man hier checken und gleich abstimmen.