Bad Brains - s/t



Release Date: 01.01.1970

Bad Brains - s/t


'The best punk/hardcore album of all time' quotes Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys on the back of the album, and he's not far wrong. Bad Brains started out as a Jazz-Fusion outfit called Mind Power, and were certainly distinctive in the way they stood out as Black Rastafarians playing
hardcore alongside skinny white punks. Bad Brains were always more unique and diverse than their contemporaries, ranging from throat shredding hardcore ALA Banned In DC, and Sailin'on, to Bob Marley inspired soothing reggae passages in the forms of Jah Calling and I Luv I Jah. This outfit has had a substantial influence on bands ranging from Living Colour to the Beastie Boys and even
Christian nu-metallers P.O.D. (HR having guested on their Satellitealbum). This is the only hardcore album you NEED to own.


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