Blaze - As Live As It Gets




Release Date: 01.01.1970

Blaze - As Live As It Gets


Live albums by any band are always worth a listen. When they are done well they can enhance a bands material immensely above that of a studio album, they can also make the band like cats being strangled, this difference often relies on the production. Fortunately the production on this album is fantastic, everything can be heard as if you were actually there. Unfortunately the songs themselves fail to excite that desire in the listener. When I listened to this album I hoped for something very similar to live Iron Maiden but was disappointed. With the ex-leader singer of Maiden comparisons are inevitable but only to the detriment of Blaze. They always sound very much like they are trying so hard to have the same excitement as Maiden but somehow they miss that vital spark. Some songs like Virus promise to grab you but about a minute into the song your attention begins to wander elsewhere. Even on the Maiden covers they are a poor man’s version, this said their cover of Dazed and Confused does them credit. If you are a fan of Blaze and of lots of old school metal you will probably love this but unless you are very enthusiastic about them this isn’t worth your cash I’m afraid.

Review By Jonah


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