Cain - Choke the Sun



Release Date: 01.01.1970

Cain - Choke the Sun



As promised before I will now review Cain’s first release Choke the Sun. I wasn’t particularly blown away by their spilt effort earlier with Comin’Correct and Onfall. So will this effort fare any better? The notes that came with this claim this to be ‘Six brutal songs that mix HxC and death metal like few bands can do’. A bold claim to say the least and one that fails to the most extent to live up to its promise. Kicking off with an intro in Italian that I don’t understand doesn’t help matters to start with! However these minor prejudices aside it is clear from the off that Cain are happy with the direction they have taken and are not going to change for anyone. Which works for most bands but unfortunately not for Cain, as what comes across is a lack of ideas and a sense of laziness that comes from lack of originality. These guys sound like they have been listening to a lot of All Out War, Integrity and Napalm Death. Without any of the power and conviction that comes from those bands. Unfortunately these guys failed to leave me impressed or make any lasting impression. There are moments of very slight promise, but nothing that really helps it to stand out from the rest of the pack.


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