Corrosion of Conformity - Technocracy



Release Date: 01.01.1970

Corrosion of Conformity - Technocracy


Before they ‘Voted with a bullet’, Corrosion Of Conformity were a truly exciting thrash/punk metal outfit. This EP unfortunately marks the end of this period, as they spilt up soon after, only to reform 4 years later for the ‘Blind’ album. It’s truly a shame they don’t make albums like this anymore, particularly as this is an awesome release. Unlike their appalling modern day Metallica/lynyrd skynyrd incarnation, Corrosion back then were a very politically orientated band. Especially on the likes of the re-recorded ‘Intervention’, ‘American dollars and weapons gleam, Support another corrupt regime’, which manages to sound even more intense and angry here. This release though good, is marred by what can only be described as truly dreadful vocals courtesy of thankfully short lived frontman Simon Bob, which is a real pity as the music is breathtakingly direct and immediate. This is only a small release (what with it being an EP and everything), with only three proper tracks. Half this album has been re-recorded with bassist Mike Dean on Vocal duties. The other two tracks are a pointless new version of ‘Hungry Child’, and ‘Ahh Blugh, (Milking the sick farce), which doesn’t even really count as a proper track at 30 seconds along, and is simply the band fooling around. So what of the few proper songs contained on this release? Of the three, the self titled track is definitely the best effort, which helps re-establishes the bands intent and left-wing political viewpoint and as also stated in the bands sleevenotes. Listening to this release you feel a real sense of sadness to think that the band will never sound like this again. This album along with ‘Animosity’ and ‘Eye for an Eye’ are the only releases by Corrosion of Conformity you need to own.


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