SOD - Speak english or die



Release Date: 01.01.1970

SOD - Speak english or die


Ah, My first introduction to hardcore, alongside Urban Discipline, helped to make curious as to investigate this type of music more. S.O.D. or Stormtroopers of Death as their otherwise known, were a collection of musicians from Anthrax, Nuclear Assault and future M.O.D. leader Billy Milano. Much like M.O.D. s’ debut album which I reviewed a while ago, Speak English or Die is a speedy (to say the least!) collection of Hardcore punk metal, which would go on to influence a countless array of crossover acts and is very much an overlooked masterpiece. It is also likely to cause a great deal of offence with its highly controversial and extreme lyrics. However it is not meant to be taken seriously either and the lyrics are VERY tongue in cheek. It is hard how anyone could be offended by a band Who call themselves the ‘Stormtroopers of Death’ and have songs about moshing ‘Milano Mosh’, Periods ‘Pre-menstrual Princess blues’ and Dead Rock stars ‘The ballad of Jimi Hendrix’. This album has to be one of my all time favourites along with ‘Live at the Budoken’ and ‘Bigger than the Devil’, which are worthy purchases also. This is an album that can appeal to anyone into thrash metal, hardcore punk, punk metal, or even a sense of humour. Unfortunately recent disputes between Billy Milano and Anthrax means that its highly unlikely we’re going to see another record or live performance any time soon. However this shouldn’t put you off what is an excellent album.


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