Samhain - Initium



Release Date: 01.01.1970

Samhain - Initium


Released midway between The Misfits and Danzig, Samhain represented a transition between the Hardcore melodic punk of the former and the gloomy goth metal of the latter. In fact these guys continue to be an influence for both thrash and hardcore bands. These guys combined Goth-rock,
Hardcore-punk, and thrash metal. That is certainly the order of the day on this their debut full-length. It must be said that Frontman Glenn Danzig didn’t completely abandon his past as the cover of ‘Horror business’ and ‘He who shall not be named’ clearly show, but the last three tracks clearly show a move into more metallic pastures. With a bluesy gothic type of Vibe, these remaining tracks are a lot slower and serious than the rest of the album, and perhaps are an indication of Danzig’s further direction. Danzig would later become a more ‘serious’ musician with his latter band of the same name and unfortunately take himself far too seriously with
ill-advised forays into industrial metal such as ‘Blackaciddevil’ and ‘Satan’s child 6.66’ and overly serious lyrics. Shame.


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