Struggling Time - Promo CD



Release Date: 01.01.1970

Struggling Time - Promo CD


Like Watch It Bleed this has a predominately thrashcore/Hardcore metal sound to it. Musically they sound like old school Sepultura mixed in with some elements of Hatebreed and Biohazard type lyrics. Lyrics which deal with ‘anger, everyday’s frustration and defending the kingdom of beloved city of Charloi. This is similar to Biohazard focusing on Brooklyn and the day to day struggle of everyday life on their first two albums in particular. And sure enough you get songs called ‘City of Crime’, ‘No one to blame’ and ‘Sick Brain’. The music isn’t particularly special either and failed to make any sort of impact on me. I listened to it 2 maybe 3 times to try and give it a chance but the songs weren’t memorable enough to make any sort of lasting impression. On the plus side there are some nice samples which introduce or end the songs quite well, and occasionally they do try and vary things up a bit by slowing things down and introducing a acoustic guitar like at the end of the last song. But it’s too little too late, none of this helps save the fact that this album is boring and uninspired, no matter how much they may roar away like demented madmen.


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