Superstatic Revolution - We Kneel In The Pews By The Confession Box



Release Date: 01.01.1970

Superstatic Revolution - We Kneel In The Pews By The Confession Box


Following their spilt effort with Submerge where it was clear where the talent lay, is this Mini-album from the French Converge. A word of warning, this is very uneasy listening! This is HC and more! Very technical in the vein of not only Converge but also The Dillenger Escape Plan. It takes like with Dillenger, several listens before you can truly grasp their vision. Even after you have listened to it several times, it is still difficult to guess what is taking place here. What is amazing is how they have managed to keep the album so short, considering the vast quantity of styles taking place at any one time. As I mentioned before, this is a band unafraid to experiment, and with no musical limitations or boundaries. They clearly don’t give a toss for musical conventions and throw caution to the wind by playing everything from Hardcore to Metal to Emo, all performed in a whirl of Grindcore mayhem. Unlike most HC bands today these boys are not afraid of taking different routes and not sticking to the formula. Which is what makes this CD so refreshing and inspirational. If your sick to death (like I am) of the countless crap Hatebreed and Agnostic Front imitators coming out right now and are looking for something new then you could do a lot worse than this. Awesome.


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