The Hardcore Connection - Worldwide HXC Split



Release Date: 01.01.1970

The Hardcore Connection - Worldwide HXC Split


This is the first of two offerings I have recently received from Milano’s Cain. This is a spilt cd they did after their 2000 debut release ‘Choke the Sun’, with New Jersey’s Comin’Correct and Napoli’s Onfall. The first four tracks on this album come courtesy of Cain and is a brutal slab of metal-core combining Death metal riffs and vocals with HC style drumming. It’s competent if not terribly original and reminds me of a mixture of latter day Napalm Death and a dash of All out War thrown in for good measure. The song titles betray the band’s metal-core leanings with titles like ‘Soundtrack for sufferin’ and ‘Next to Revenge (Burn your Soul)’ even before you’ve even listened to the damn thing! So overall, competent if not terribly original HxC. However I will reserve total judgement until I get to their full-length debut later on. Next up are Rick Ta life’s (from 25talife) other band Comin’Correct. To be honest you’d be hard pressed to spot much difference between either acts. Rick’s vocals are still virtually impossible to comprehend! and the lyrics from what I can understand are still about unity within the HC scene, memories he has about HC and how much he loves HC. Do you think he’s trying to tell us something here? It is a little more punky than 25’ especially the last track ‘Grow Up’ which is definately the best song on here and ends with the classic line ‘Grow up you fucking dicks!’ which has dare I say it a very Sex Pistols attitude. If you like 25’ then theirs every chance you will like these guys. Real good. The last of the three bands on offer here is Naples’ Onfall. They do sound uncannily like Cain and are again treading the tried and tested Metal-core ground. Grinding guitars and death metal vocals. The guitars do have a bit more of a groove to them than Cain and they are a little bit slower at places which help to vary things up a bit and make things a tad more interesting. But it’s nothing that really catches your attention, and after a while starts to sound a bit tired and dated. This is music that I’ve heard a million times before by infinitely better bands. A reasonable enough compilation CD if anything worth checking out for Comin’Correct.


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