The Minutemen - The Punchline



Release Date: 01.01.1970

The Minutemen - The Punchline


Formed back in 1979 as The Reactionaries, this legendary Jazz-Punk trio would go onto influence a countless generation of Alternative artists from Primus, Porno For Pyros, Jane’s Addiction and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. These guys were far from your average hardcore band of the day, they were a whole different beast altogether. Most of the songs on this album are under a minute, though contrary to popular rumour this is not the reason for their name! ‘Search’ which starts off the album, is the type of song that would not be entirely out of place on an early Chilli peppers record, with its funky bass and drums and crooning vocals reminiscent of a certain Mr. Kiedis. The album follows in pretty much the same vein, and is therefore a far less varied effort than 84’s ‘Double Nickel on The Dime’. This CD is also very political and its clear that D. Boon and the boys weren’t exactly happy with the state that the world was in. This album does take a while to get into, but for any forward thinking punk fan, it’s a thoroughly rewarding listening experience.


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