V/A - Montreal Hardcorecompilation 51.4.50



Release Date: 01.01.1970

V/A - Montreal Hardcorecompilation 51.4.50


Canadian Hardcore? There are many things that I associate with Canada. Due South, Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, Kids in the Hall and Sum 41, but HC? For the most part the US is rightly claimed as the spiritual home of HC ranging from Black Flag to Agnostic Front, Cro-mags, Hatebreed, Poison the Well, From Autumn to Ashes and so on. However the Americans may have to start watching their back a bit more as this compilation shows that their neighbours to the north have more to offer than people give them credit for. Montreal is a very beautiful and picturesque city and not one you’d associate with such ugly music. What we have here then is 11 tracks of very heavy and brutal metal-core. The lyrics to the most part (with a couple or so exceptions) are very much in the vein of most metal-core acts such as From Autumn to Ashes, Eighteen Visions and Hopesfall with their emo-ish type subject matter, ‘A splinter is driven across my heart, it pierces me deeper lacerates me, everytime I think of you…’ and ‘The first love is supposed to be forever I just have to restrain my fear to be hurt’ and so on. So for fans of the US metal-core acts mentioned previously, this is the perfect compilation to help check out previously unheard of talent north of the border especially the superb Hymn From Above and Depths of Silence. So what are you waiting for?


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