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Interview mit Sidekick

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Sidekick    

No, I think we can\'t change the bad things in the Hardcore scene. We also can\'t save the world or make it to a better place.

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Interview mit Within Reach

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Within Reach    

If a song has as good lyrics as the music, that´s the perfect combination. It must be honest, you must stand for what you´re singing, unless it´s done with humour.

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Interview mit Burnt By The Sun

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Burnt By The Sun    

The goofy song titles are used to let you know that of course we are serious and very passionate about what we do, but at the same time we are human and have a sense of humor!

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Interview mit Full Court Press

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Full Court Press    

But the aggression and approach of bands such as SOIA made me realize this is what I wanted to hear and see. Being able to interact with the people on stage, not just look at them like they are a bunch of rockstars.

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Interview mit Devil Inside

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Devil Inside    

There might be songs in english in the future, but so far we like it a lot. it is honest and the lyrics have a certain flow. german is a very harsh voice and it is still new to us to play around with the words.

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Interview mit Hopesfall

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Hopesfall    

Codeseven is utterly amazing. I would never compare the talent and songwriting skills of us to them. They have always been on the path that they are now, so it isn’t surprising in the least to me. They’ll come out with another amazing as fuck record again. That’s how they are. We share a lot of influences and honestly I think everyone in hopesfall is in love with codeseven. So yeah maybe we straight stole from them. Sorry guys.

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Interview mit Five Minutes Major

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Five Minutes Major    

The hardcore scene sucks today. Too many bands out for cash, who don\'t care about the \"kids\". A lot of people don\'t support new bands, a lot of bands just want to support habits

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Interview mit Trial

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Trial    

... I feel almost guilty to a certain degree coming over here and selling merchandise sometimes at prices that are higher than what people can afford ...

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Interview mit Hatebreed

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Hatebreed    

Over the years we worked hard and begged to get on all the big bills and now they get handed to us.

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Interview mit The First Step

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     The First Step    

Honestly, we just needed a break from the band and the pressure/expectations that people put on you when you are in a band and that you put on yourself.

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