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Interview mit Neshamah

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Neshamah    

I do it cause I wanna change peoples mindsets on certain issues in life and use this awesome tool hardcore to put it through

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Interview mit GF93

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     GF93    

We never attach labels to what we are and when we took the band name we thought about a catalogue number: GF93. We don\'t have interest in showing a \"masterpiece\" bandname, we don\'t like trendy monikers, we are just a catalogue number in music and in life because that\'s the way people builded the world.

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Interview mit Drift

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Drift    

DRIFT is about us - our lives. It\'s the downside, the frustration and the hate we feel. We just carry our personal ideology with that, we don\'t label us.

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Interview mit Maximum Penalty

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Maximum Penalty    

It\'s pretty much self explanatory. About the hurt and the unjust that other countries have recieved from my country, The United Snakes of America!!!!!!

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Interview mit Laurens (I Scream)

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Laurens (I Scream)    

I think the political matter of each band member is a personal matter, just like being Straight Edge or Krishna..

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Interview mit Daredevil

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Daredevil    

When will more humans see that life isn\'t just: taking, consuming and making money. Takin\' you down is about the life style Ramon has. He\'s drug free and Vegan.

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Interview mit Strength In Numbers

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Strength In Numbers    

I think the thing that distinguishes us is what alot of people have said about us already. And that is you can hear influences but nothing that you can put your finger on. I don\'t know how other bands are but in this band it is very hard to get 2 members let alone all six members to agree on a band that they enjoy. We all like so many different bands at so many different times that it\'s crazy when we write. That and we don\'t have any funny tricks when we play live. We just give it what we\'ve got and try to rock as hard as we can.

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Interview mit The Epoxies

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     The Epoxies    

I think some of the craziest outfits include some of Viz\'s creations. One time he wore a ton of video tape and came out with shredded skin. Abother time he wore some panty hose, a military cap, and red lipstick. I still don\'t think I\'ve recovered from seeing that one and it was over 3 years ago.

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Interview mit Ignite

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Ignite    

But I don\'t care if it\'s Canada or Kosovo or Russia or whereever I think unjust killing is wrong and it needs to be stopped and I agreed with our involvement.

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Interview mit Dropkick Murphys

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Dropkick Murphys    

We had a good time and I think that comes across on the record. We want the listener to feel like they are at the party.

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