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Interview mit The First Step

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     The First Step    

Honestly, we just needed a break from the band and the pressure/expectations that people put on you when you are in a band and that you put on yourself.

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Interview mit Facedown

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Facedown    

The militance we like is called intramilitance and this means you are very militant towards yourself and only for yourself. Another word could be like dedication.

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Interview mit Bridgeburne_r

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Bridgeburne_r    

Kaleb doesn\'t do reall much, he models underwear for speedo pants

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Interview mit Beyond The Sixth Seal

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Beyond The Sixth Seal    

I feel that we bring emotion into the scene. Something that we can all share and use to unite, and bring people with these same feelings together. We are not a Hardcore band, but we do live the lifestyle.

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Interview mit Good Riddance

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Good Riddance    

I feel that the world is kind of steering into that direction where there is the worlds as a society being based upon certain power structures

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Interview mit Dawncore

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Dawncore    

We don\'t believe in any political elitism this is sure. In the near past there are bright examples that there are no right persons on any side.

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Interview mit Length Of Time

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Length Of Time    

It\'s just that humanity is destroying his own mother earth, his own atmosphere, his own water, his own animals his own trees.

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Interview mit Shadows Fall

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Shadows Fall    

I think the reason we attract a variety of music listeners is because we have all been involved in all of the types of music

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Interview mit Indecision

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Indecision    

But I think that the \"release the cure\" theory is more like a tangible theory than UFOs and stuff like that which is more science fiction.

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Interview mit Ensign

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Ensign    

So basically my only political stance is to believe more into yourself than the lies people feed you with.

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