All Out War Tourstory



European Tour 1999


Tour story from 11.06.99 - 27.06.99

It was planned like this:

ALL OUT WAR and BLOOD FOR BLOOD should come to Europe and tour from the end of Mai 1999 to the 12th of July. However everything happened in another way. ALL OUT WAR arrived exactly on time, BLOOD FOR BLOOD, their tickets already paid, cancelled the tour. So, E-TOWN CONCRETE, from New Jersey, NY, who were already in Europe but had problems with their tour, took the places in the AOW-nightliner for two weeks. This was prior to them returning to the US because of a tour with BIOHAZARD, however while in Europe they had a chance to play at the Dynamo Open - Air in Eindhoven, Holland. I heard some people saying, that the voice from E-TOWN CONCRETE has been the best ever on a HC-Show. Thanks to Theo. That guy, also owner of THE NOIZZ - distro in Holland, organised the tour. He brought STIGMATA in the following line-up to Europe, when E-TOWN
CONCRETE left: Rob (Supersonic) - bass, Anthony (Merauder) - guitar, Agars - drums and Riley, the only original member, on vocals. So the tour ran till the end and most people all over Europe didn't know that STIGAMTA was on the bill. They played shows in Holland, Belgium, Germany (where they had a fight in Schweinfurt - because Theo got attacked from a local, detail information see on the internet, and on Friday 11th of June 1999, the nightliner with "Toni-everyday two pussies or die" on the steering wheel stood behind the Crdsh in Freiburg, Germany. LENGTH OF TIME arrived promptly at 20.00 h, 2 hours late, with the new backline. Lots of respect to the Freiburg-Crew, -Schnitzel mit Pommes und Salat- was the best food an tour. Also the male groupies of Stuttgart arrived in time, but - Sorry - no free entrance today! LENGTH OF TIME played their set, covering Slayers "Postmortem" and the French, Swiss and German visitors became a pretty pit. When STIGMATA started to play, Riley realized that the microphone may explode if he shouts too close to it. Therefore he left a distance of 20 cm and nobody in the audience were deafened.

On June, the 124th we went to Stdfa, near Z|rich, Switzerland. A tattoo-artist
waited for us and tattooed "Tough-Toni", who cried a little bit, on the breast.
Then it was Cesar4s turn, he wanted to have a seahorse on the belly. Cesar
didn't cry, although he didn4t appear very relaxed. Another Thanks to the 18
Year old girl that made the toast for us (i4ll keep her warm for you, Spikey).
The show was visited by only 40 people, which isn4t many for a Saturday. One of
them was Marco Dvbeli (ah, you smoke??) from Infinite Rec. We changed some stuff
and had a good time. Also thanks to the CATARACT and FERGUSON (R.I.P) guys, that watched the show. LENGTH OF TIME4s Cover of the day was "This time" from LIFE OF AGONY, that a pit-kid sang most of the time. Ross was very happy about it as the people didn4t really want to move. Brad "The Neckless" Mader from ALL OUT War started to shake his head, and now, ALL OUT WAR started to play all their hits, without "The deceived and the deceivers", a song which they didn't play the whole tour. Now the sleeping pit started to move and they had a good party. (Do you know, that a lot of people think that GOODLIFE Bands are vegan Straight-Edge?-LOT not). The next day was a day off and we spent some hours at
the coast near Bordeaux, France on the beach. The whole Tour-Crew got sunburnt,
especially Riley and Ross, they looked like fuckin4 Pavians-asses. On the 15th of June we played in Bordeaux and had some awesome food (thanks), French-taste. The support band, THE ABSURD, from France made the Jimmy-Rock-Bar-pit wild until the first minute. Their mix of Movin4-Tough-HC and Crust-Punk with two singers was really aggressive - watch out for them, soon to be some dates in Germany. LENGTH OF TIME played and it grew so hot, that Vince needed another slip after 3 minutes of playing bass. STIGMATA made the audience even more mad and Anthony and Rob were movin4 like hell on the stage. When ALL OUT WAR entered the stage, they smashed their songs to the kids and no one had the chance to get out of this burning hell. After the show, Theo explained to the guys from ALL OUT WAR, especially Taras (ECKV), how to play professional due to 67 guitar strings breaking during the show. The biggest adventure in BX was by Toni (it was his 43th birthday). He met a girl (25 Years old), fucked her, got the key from her home and by the time he returned to the club, he couldn't even remember her family name. Well done, man. Ehm, Cesar had a girl, too, but I don't know any more about that, sorry.

From 16th of June - 18th of June we had three days off and we went to a holiday flat close to Barcelona in Spain. This was very like a holiday. Phil, the driver from LOT and I were discussing all day the HC-Shows he is doing in BXL, whilst relaxing in the pool. Vince played the guitar the whole day and Manu, a friend of the band, made funny things inside his hands with tobacco and some other mixtures. Everyone had fun, except for Ross who had to stay three days in the flat, because of his sun burnt skin (hehe). Relaxed we drove to Barcelona on 19th of June and prepared everything for the show. Albert, the promoter, a very nice guy, organized a Bar for us, where we got very good food and drinks. The only problem was, that the waiter couldn't understand English, and everyone got food which they hadn't ordered. Ah yo!, a big fuck to France and their private fucking motorways. I think we spent something around 11.462 US$.
The show in Barcelona ruled. Roel, the drummer from Netherlands SKILLSHOT and
merchandiser of ALL OUT WAR and STIGMATA themselves, looked after the merch and
so I could go inside the KGB-Club to take pictures and dance a bit. (Roel did
this every fucking day for me - thanks, man) The Spanish kids were all supporting the bands. The song they best knew was Shorttimer from LENGTH OF TIME
as most of them had previously bought the GOODLIFE Tape Sampler which included
this song.. Stigmata did a good job and we were all posing to death on the side
of the stage. Then it was time for the days apocalypse, called ALL OUT WAR.
Everyone was diving from stage, even Ross and Michel. After the show I talked
with the Resurrecion-Zine-Chief, the most professional HC-Zine in Europe, but
only for spanish speaking readers. After the show we set out immediately,
because we had to reach Milano, Italy, the next day 20th of June, 1999.

When we reached the first Motorway, Michel needed to take a piss, and because he couldn't hold it back, he pissed in the mobile kitchen. The problem was, that he forgot to turn the water off and after 20 minutes, we discovered a big problem. All our bags and clothes were wet. But this is no problem for six tough guys like us. We ignored this minor problem and drove onwards. In Italy we played in the "CSA Vittoria", a club which supports Abdula Vcalan, the chief of the Kurds (Buuuh). No one was moving, maybe 3 guys when ALL OUT WAR played. The toilets were all shitty, however there were some good things too. The cheapest entrance on tour = 3 US$, and the prettiest girls (hard dick guarantee), are to be found in Italy. I4m thinking especially of the girl that gave me some chewing gum - watch out, you blond princess, I4ll be back! After the gig we had a really
good party with the kids in the club. Thanks for teaching us Italian.
Next day (21th of June) we played in Ulm, Germany. Beause of a misunderstanding of the dates, there were only 25 people there. The shows of every band were great. Cesar and Erik were windmilling in a way that has never been seen before on this side of the ocean, and the other band members supported ALL OUT WAR. I took the opportunity to hang out that evening with my friends from PAYBACK and BROTHER`S JUSTICE (BROTHER4S will be on tour with LENGTH OF TIME and BLOODSPORT in November 499). The PAYBACK homies brought us two cases of German beer. We'd been in great need of this, so it was all drunk the next day. And that day, the 22nd of June, there have also been just 40 people at the show. I think the problem was bad promotion work. The show was nice, but nothing special happened to report. Michel and I lost 3:5 in table soccer against the locals - Respect. After the show we all went to a disco and everyone got really drunk. There was no trouble, no fights, just clean partying. That night, someone stole my shoes - sorry thief, but smell first the next time before you steal someone's shoes. Why do you think they were put outside of the camper? Airhead.

All of us, (unshowered, except Rob, that playboy, who had taken a shower in the
flat of a nice lady) next went to the city of Prague on the 23rd of June, as we
had another day off. After shopping we played soccer, where Michel tried his
hardest to tackle Toni and Taras shot the ball into the Polish car with the car
alarm, setting it off and causing everyone to stare at us. In the evening we
went to the HELLNATION, ASSHOLE PARADE Show, which was a 25 minute walk. 25
fucking hell minutes for Erik, because he was attacked from army-killer-bugs and
tons of bats. At the show that never eventuated as the bands couldn't pass the
border, we had a good time with the punks and we met some people from Florida
(Hi Val), one of them was the early bassplayer from ASSCK. Agars was flirting
till death and, I think, they exchanged their addresses. So you see, we support
any kind of HC.
That night the drummer Chris "massacre" was driving the entire time (8 hrs), but
this was no problem for him, as on the way to Poland, there are a lot of
whores, standing on both sides of the road. I don4t know, if he stopped for a
blow job as I slept the whole way.
Poznan, 24th of June, Open Air, 200 people. There were stairs leading to the
stage, and in front of the stairs there were pools of water due to the rain. I
thought, that it was impossible to dance, but when ALL OUT War was up on stage,
anything is possible. Kids were moshing, windmilling, diving, jumping,
kickboxing, everything, on these stairs. Main man Pestka from SCHIZMA sang the
CRO-MAGS cover and everyone was happy. Michel from LENGTH OF TIME played guitar
between two random groupie girls, who shaked their tits 4till the end.

A long drive awaited us - to Tilburg, Holland. We arrived there at 12.30 h on
25th of June. The club called 013, has a small stage and is very well known and
everything is extremely well organized . If you wish, the nice promoting lady
brings you a lollypop in any taste. Toni wanted to have more than just a taste
however, (Is it possible in your taste, lady???)
Saturday, 26th of june, we had two shows. The first one in Kortrijk, Belgium, at
the ARKANGEL CD-Release Party. .LENGTH OF TIME started at 5 p.m., with a lot of
violent dancing in da house. After a very short break, STIGMATA played and
everyone moshed and moved to their kinda HC-Metal-Old-School ala "I live my life
with no regrets". ALL OUT WAR played for 30 minutes and the violent dancing
continued. We left at 20.00 h when the pizza arrived (Thank you Edward, it
tasted awesome) and drove to St. Hubert, Belgium. LENGTH OF TIME drove before us
and when we arrived, LENGTH OF TIME were already playing. The audience was great, everyone was singing their songs and for the first time on tour I saw a
fucking circle-pit. Then DV8 played and all the kids were going mad. DV8 made a
great show, but a big fuck-off to the DV8 member who said in an interview that
Kirby has to make a choice between DV8 and LENGTH OF TIME. Just be fucking happy
that you have a guy like him in your band.
After the DV8 show, the trouble began: There was no more time left for STIGMATA
to play, but no was aware of this. If the other bands knew this an hour earlier,
they would have played a shorter set and STIGMATA may have been able to play
three or four songs in the front of 400 people.
ALL OUT WAR entered the stage then and when they began to play, it was a life
endangering experience to dance with the kids in the pit. The best song of the
evening was the CRO-MAGS Cover "Life On My Own", as Danny (DV8), Riley (STIGMATA), and Cesar were singing it together. At the same time Ross and Michel
(LENGTH OF TIME) were dancing in the pit in a wild and rough way. The results
from this evening was: A broken tooth from Michel, 25 broken arms or legs, 412
litres of blood all over the pit, 4 dead people and three raped microphones.

The 27th of June was another day off and Cesar and I left the tour. Cesar took
a flight and I caught a train back to Germany. (Another F.U.C.K. to France and
the S.N.C.F. because of their fucking high prices) Cesar did a great job during
the tour and it was really nice to meet a guy like him. The last shows ALL OUT
WAR played were with Mike back on the mic in the U.K. at the Dour-Festival and
some Club shows in Holland and Belgium. The tour will finish on the 12.07.99 in
Amsterdam. Thanks a lot to all the guys that I met and spent time with on the
tour, it was one of the best times in my life!
King Jens, Southside Hardcore, Germany
Alright, Jens thank you so much for giving us the All Out War Tourstory! Ploedi