GOLD KIDS & GRIEVED UK/Euro Tour 2011 Tourtagebuch




01.08.11 - Brighton, UK @ The Hydrant
After spending 3 days on stansted airport as a result of booking too early flight tickets, my back felt like I'd been wrestling a fat man. It couldn't be a bigger relief to finally sit in a cozy van. The weather was great for 20 minutes until it started raining both outside and inside the van, didn't know that was possible. Later we arrived at the venue in Brighton, which had a sharp smell of semen and the floor was stickier than a gents' toilet. Took a walk to a nice restaurant before the show, only for William to discover that he'd lost his bank card in one day. Met some long missed friends and Felix almost got killed for having pink vans and not selling our van to a homeless man.

02.08.11 - Leeds, UK @ The Well
Leeds was a wi-fi psychosis. All I remember except from facebook is that William borrowed a lighter from some old men that turned out to be a taser, which he noticed when he suddenly started dancing like an epilectic. Spent the night at Andys place in Sheffield discussing rimjobs, or actually it was more like André sharing his experiences with the rest of us. Guess I wasn't the only one having terrible nightmares.

03.08.11 - Milton Keynes, UK @ The Craufurd Arms
Arrived to the show and got more money to buy food for than we got to pay the gas. The highlight of the day was when Felix took a dump in the ladies' loo right before we were going to play and paniced when there wasn't any paper left. I don't know how he solved the problem and I frankly don't want to know. After the show Andy drove us back to his place, imitating Andrés driving skills. Death ride.

04.08.11 - London, UK @ The Star Of Kings
Played the show in a dungeon located under a bar, looking more like a place for BDSM play than hardcore shows. Lots of friends showed up so we spent the whole day just chilling. Felix took a shit and this time he left the toilet in a state of submersion.

06.08.11 - Kent, UK @ Hevy Fest
Got to Hevy Fest one day ahead just to chill out and watch some rad bands. Woke up the next day, completely knackered by sleeping in the van and some cheap hobo tents. Our shows were both massive and we spent the whole night on the backstage party. Nico showed us some magic dancing skills with some moves we wish we'd never seen. Long and crazy day.

07.08.11 - Dendermonde, Belgium @ Jeugdhuis Zenith
Arrived early at the venue after skipping a night's sleep and had a great google translate war, swedes versus italians. Sweden won. Got some great food at the show that accidently made three vegetarians eat chicken. Tobias challenged his allergy and ate almost everything he can't eat. Went to a pizza restaurant in the middle of the night and waited for more than an hour for food because the only pizza baker had gone out for a walk. Stayed at the venue to sleep in a bunch of diseased couches, who caused Andy to wake up the next day with strange bug bites all over his body.

08.08.11 - Messancy, Belgium @ Riders Park
This show should have taken place outside the venue, with all the pot smokers forming a human fog machine. William and Tobias didn't think breaking vegetarianism once was enough so they ate some crisps containing some more chicken. After the show we went to the promotor's place who lived in a beautiful village-like area, but I've watched way too many french horror movies to not find it creepy as well. Tobias managed to penetrate his ear with a rusty nail when he fell into a shelf, so me and him spent half the night trying to stop the bleeding.

09.08.11 - Stuttgart, Germany @ Juha West
Had the best food we've got on the whole tour. Met some great german friends and just hung out the whole evening. Packed the van for the last time (I did most of the work as usual) before we took fareweel of our beloved italian uncles. A sentimental goodbye which involved hugs, kisses and a crying curly boy. Andy spent his birthday driving home for 18 hours, and since he hadn't told us about it he didn't get a single congratulation.

By: Marcus from GRIEVED