Interview mit 100 Demons



1. Would you first introduce yourself to our readers, please?
What did you do jobwise, or in your freetime...?

First off, I'm Steve, the bass player and newest member of the band. I've been
in since the summer of '99. Everyone in 100Demons works, and I'm no exception:
I co-own a tattoo shop in CT. In my freetime I ride bikes, exercise, read, cook,
and play video games.

2. How and when did you guys get together? Since when did 100
Demons exist?

100Demons had been around for about a year before I joined. What happened with
me getting in the band was I was friends with the guys in the band and Rich
brought a demo by my tat2 shop and I was hooked. I saw him later on and said
in joking that I'd love to join because they were a super hot band. The next
thing I know, he tells me I'm in and the old bassplayer was out. The rest is
history. The band is made up of members of some of the Northeast's best bands,
and we were all fans of each other's previous bands. Everybody in 100Demons
has been playing for a minimum of 10 years, so we knew each other through the
scene as well as being friends. Bruce sang for the amazing Pushbutton Warfare
as well as the legendary Bloodbath. Rick played guitar for Tyrant Trooper, our
area's only true heavy deathmetal act. And Rich and Bubba I knew from their
days in Higher Force, a band that people feared and respected, even today. I
got my start playing guitar in Yuppicide and later in FTE. So, along the way,
all our paths crossed and here we are today.

3. What was the reason for calling your band 100 Demons? What´s
is about?

The name comes from Japanese folk mythology, as well as being the title of an
amazing book of traditional Japanese tattoo artwork by Horiyoshi III. The name
fits as we're all into tattoos and tattooing, especially Japanese stuff.

4. I think it´s a little bit unusual for a amican Band that you
signed a european Label! How rose the contact to Edward and Goodlife? Why a
european Label? Why Goodlife?

Hardcore isn't just an American phenomenon, there's a huge scene in Europe as
well as the rest of the world. We wanted to get our stuff out to as many people
in as many places as we could and GLR seemed like the way to go.

5. Looking at the Layout of your CD, comes Religion and Belive
combined with hardcore bands in my mind first. Whats the meaning of the Cover?
Is there a connection to the Songs Forsaken (about the title..) or While you´re
Praying? Whats your point of few to that Belive and Religion things?

Religious imagery is always very powerful because it's so open to interpretation.
We thought the cover went with the album title as well as carrying a lot of
the record's underlying thoughts and feelings. It's really up to the individual
listener to draw his or her own conclusions or connections about the relation
between our choice of imagery and Bruce's lyrics.

6. Tell us a little bit about your local scene? bands?

Connecticut has some great bands that we're lucky to be friends with and get
the chance to play with. A lot of the bands support each other and make it all
worth while! We love Death Threat, Groundzero, Forced Reality, Hatebreed, and
Blood Has Been Shed, as well as Shadows Fall and All That Remains. There's not
a lot of places to play, so we're especially thankful for places like the Hannover
House who still book HC shows.

7. What do you think about Straight Edge? Is anybody in the Band

I'm the only sXe person in the band but it's not a big deal. For me it's a personal
choice and it doesn't come between me and the other guys. At first they weren't
quite sure what to make of having a sXe guy in the band but I respect them as
musicians and as friends and that's all that really counts. We've all been involved
with HC for a loing time and we've seen a lot of kids, trends, and fads come
and go.

8. What do you think about Patriotism?

I don't have a problem with it as long as people temper their beliefs with a
strong dose of rationality and historical perspective. It's all too easy for
people to get way too caught up in any sort of "-ism" and lose sight of reality.

9. What do you think about Politics? Actuall the votings of your
President? Is it important for you?

The political system here breeds a lot of mistrust and cynicism Many people
feel isolated from their government, and improperly represented. It's all too
easy to get caught up in the corruption and scandals, and feel that governments
are run by the rich and the corporations. It seems that no matter who we vote
for, they lie to us and raise our taxes.

10. The rest of your Vocals means more "Sound of The Streets"
that seems a little bit overdo! Are the basis for the vocals personal Things
that happens or more a little bit Phantasy, or simply that typical tough guy

Bruce writes from his beliefs and especially from his own experiences. It's
not made up or the boastful braggings of some wannabe tough guy, it's all the
real thing. Sometimes life isn't pretty or fair, and those are the things that
Bruce isn't afraid to write about.

11. The so called Tough Guy Style goes in europe in the moment
very big and is the "coolest" thing here in hardcore right now! Bands like Hatebreed,
Death Threat or also you are names that all kids talk about! Would you guys
say that you are tough guys? If yes, what are the status symbols for a tough
guy (!!!!!) ?

Our music is definitely abrasive and aggressive and our lyrics are gut-wrenching
and stark, but we don't consider ourselves "toughguys". We're a "hardcore" band.
The word "hardcore" means committed, honest, and unflinching. The very nature
of the word means that the music and lyrics are real and straightforward. We
want people to appreciate the band for being a great band, not for buying into
some imaginary image which we aren't portraying. We're average workaday guys
who have seen our share of life's ups and downs. 100Demons is our opportunity
to get out some of the bitterness and tragedy that life hands you. We're straightforward
and honest and we tell it like it is. If you want some wishywashy-artsy-fartsy-sweatervest-poetry,
then you got the wrong band. We come from the Negative Approach school of hardknocks
hardcore, not the artschool-college-school of crying and fashion statements.
Bands like Death Threat and Hatebreed are the logical extension and evolution
of kids who grew up listening to the Cro-Mags, AF, Life's Blood, Blitz, Iron
Cross, and stuff like that. There's no uniforms or status symbols, just support
your friends and hardcore. Hardcore has always been edgy and aggressive, even
in its' earliest roots like Black Flag or the Effigies.

12. On your actual cd are a few guest musicans, also Aaron from
Death Threat! Tell us about your recordings, and the people who worked with
you? What´s the reason for inviting guest?

We recorded the CD at Planet Z studios in Massachusetts with Zeus who did an
amazing job. That guy is at the top of his game as far as recording the hard
and heavy stuff. It was great to have Aaron sing with Bruce, he's a great guy
and a CTHC veteran from the very beginning. We're so proud of how far Death
Threat has come and we wish them all the success in the world. Those guys have
stood by us and we owe them a lot. Pete from Forced Reality and Higher Force
helped with the backups. The backing vocals were a friend sing-along kind of
thing and ended up sounding great. It was kind of an all-star cast of CTHC and
Mass HC hooligans!

13. We are an Online Fanzine! I´m always interrested what HC-Kids
think about the Medium Internet? Do you use it in any case? Do you have a Homepage?
Whats about Linkexchange :-)?

Interested people can check us out at There's just no denying
how big this computer thing has gotten and how it's affected the growth and
proliferation of HC. Our webpage has come in handy quite a few times in helping
people get exposed to the band as well as getting in contact with us.

14. Napster is the popularst thema in the music media world in
the moment! What do you think about it? Can we find your songs there?

I think a bunch of our stuff if not the whole album is on there by now. It doesn't
bother us as it's really free advertisement as well as a gauge to see if people
are interested in your material. If anything it helps increase interest in the
band and our CD as well as expose people to us, free of charge. It's all very
new and controversial, but interest will die down soon enough as soon as someone
figures out a way to make a ton of money off of it.

15. Tell us your Top Five Hardcore Releases?

That's a tough one as my tastes and moods change all the time! Top 5 classics
HC Releases: Bad Brains: Roir Tape, Cro-Mags: Age Of Quarrel demo, Life's Blood:
compilation CD, Negative Approach: Everything!, AF: Victim in Pain.

16. What do you think about the death penalty?

I have no problem with the death penalty as long as all the evidence is properly
presented and justice is given a chance to be carried out. The sentence should
fit the crime. It's tough for justice to be fair and impartial in our corrupt,
one-sided system, but it's an effective means of population control at any rate.

17. Was anyone of you in the past in prison? Hehehe why?

Well, let's just say we've all had our share of brushes with the American justice
system. These things can be a fact of life sometimes.

18. European People are hot to see you live on Stage, tell me
something about your Future plans! Releases? Tours? Any final Words and Comments?

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for a bunch of new stuff coming your way in the
winter and spring. We'd love to get over to Europe and tour so interested people
please get a hold of us throughout the website or through me a:
We'd like to thank you for your time and interest in 100Demons and please continue
to support hardcore. We'd also like to thank some very cool people and/or bands
who've been there for us in any one of a number of ways: Edwin(Godschild,HKHC),
Aarron/Death Threat, Buried Alive, Mike/ All Out War, Tony/Victory, Reach The
Sky, Ed/GLR, Blood Has Been Shed, Dying Breed, Justin/Bloodwar, Hatebreed, Shadows
Fall, Godbelow, and anybody we may have missed!