Interview mit A Day To Remember



Hello guys, please introduce yourselves and give us some basic info on A DAY TO REMEMBER.

My name is Tom, I play guitar. a day to remember is a hardcore pop band from Ocala Fla.

I'm really interested in how you guys met, what's the story behind A DAY TO REMEMBER?

Me and Bobby where in a band called 2 days 2 late and we weren’t happy with the way things where going so we quit and found Jeremy, he was in a band called all for nothing (ska i might wanna add), so we where like we are starting a band and he couldnt resist. I guess he figured that the whole ska thing died out a few years ago and that it was gonna get him no where. We had a diffrent guitar player and bass player at the time and they didn’t work out so we found Neil and josh. Neil also was in 2 days 2 late with us and Josh was a fan so that all worked out pretty well.

Your debut full length, "And Their Name Was Treason" has just been released through Indianola Records. Are you satisfied with the final result of the album?

Yes we are very satisfied. Of course we are sick of hearing it ha, but it came out very well.

Did you already get any public reaction to the album? How was it?

Yes, we are getting all kinds of reaction. Everyone seems to like the different styles we put together, which is good cuz i wasn’t sure how people would like it.

I described your sound in my review and I could do it again here, but I'm much more interested in how you would describe the music you play.

Well, to make it all easy we just call it pop mosh.

Do your lyrics on "And Their Name Was Treason" have a general theme or what are they basically about? Where do you get the influences for your lyrics?

They are all experiences that Jeremy has had, its all based on life and I think that’s why people can relate to us so well cuz they have probably been thru the same thing.

Which song on "And Their Name Was Treason" stands best for A DAY TO REMEMBER? Why does it?

1958, because it talks about family and us sticking together no matter what.

Florida has a huge music scene from hardcore to indie rock, where did you pick your influences?

Well, we didn’t really pick our influences we just all listen to such a variety of music it shows in our songs.

You guys still seem to be pretty young, what are you doing all day long besides music?
We hang out alot, with friends and family.

Looking in the future, where do you see A DAY TO REMEMBER in five years?

The same thing we are doing now, what we love.

What's on the schedule for you in 2005, I guess a lot of touring. Any plans on coming to Europe?

We are basicly touring for the rest of the year and as for Europe, it’s not on the schedule but it would be a pleasure.

What cds can be currently found in your cd players? Could you name a few?

The Acacia Strain, The Warriors, From First To Last, G-Unit, and Circa Sirvive.

Thank you very much for your time. Do you have any final comments?

Please check us out on tour, u can get our dates on thank you!