Interview mit A Death For Every Sin



Please introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Fred i play lead guitar.

What's the first thing you did this morning, and what are you going to do
after this interview?

I went to the bathroom to take some aspirin cause i had the biggest headeache
from driving back from a show we played esterday in buffalo ny. After the interview
I'm probably gonna go play on my PS2 even if i should go to bed since i,m working

The new songs changed a bit with the old songs. They have grown up. Is
this the result of touring a lot with bands like Hatebreed, Until the end, 100

It's the result of finnaly being able to mix all of our influences together
and comming up with a sound that i personally think is our own.

Did the Line up change after the MCD?

Yeah we lost Max and phil cause the needed to put more time in their other band
InDying Days. We recruted Carl and Ben right after. I think this line up is
here to stay.

I think when i read the lyrics of the new Album they have change also.
They are not so dark. They handle more about personal failures and builing up
more trust in yourself. Can you explain this? Who writes them now?

Nick still writes the lyrics. I think he just wanted to sing more about stuff
that was affecting him everyday. It was harder to really relate to the old lyrics
since they were really to dark and were heavily dependant on imagery. We all
like it more like this

How and why did you end up with Alveran?

I started talking with Sacha and John and right away it all clicked. We went
to record some of our new stuff and as soon as they heard it we worked out a

I'm curious about Canada, can you tell us something about Canadian Hardcore
Scene and the Bands?

There's a couple of really good bands here. Like No Warning from Toronto and
figure 4 from Winipeg those are real good Hard core bands. Everybody should
check out our other gitar player's band called A Perfect murder. Amazing band,
they sound like a mix of Damnation Ad, Crowbar and Motorhead. They're great

Canada is a beautiful country with a lot a Wild Nature, did you ever met
a Grizly Bear? :-)

Yeah i have one in my back yard right now eating from my garbage can. it's hard
to live in a igloo

How's the food over there? What is the most delicious stuff we have to
eat over there?

Food is not that great here. but if you come here you have to eat a poutine.
IT's french fries with Cheese and gravy on top of it. Realllllll good

Which records was the last one you bought?

The Promise "my true love" ....It's the new Another Victim band Check
them out!

How were the Record Release Partys Shows with Until the End?

INSANE.All the shows were sold out! Kids we're going off all weekend.Amazing
crowd reactions for all the bands.

Your are a Straight Edge Band, but you don't spread that message with the
Band. Would you say it's just a personal thing? and what do you think about
Bands "praying" Straight Edge?

Everyone in this band is proud to be edge but we're not a "straight edge"
band...That's just the way it's been from the start. as for a band who chose
to sing about the edge.they can preach all they dosent really affect
me.If a band is good i'll like it straight edge or not.

You're planning a European Tour this Summer? Can you tell us some details
about it right now?

Yeah we,re coming to europe from august 3rd to september 1st with born from
pain. The dates should be out in a couple of weeks just check our website and
the alveran site for details.

What can we expect from ADFES in the Future? Where will you see yourself
in 5 years?

lots of touring for the next year and then probaly another album. 5 years is
far. I'll be 30 be the......That's way to scary.

Thanks for the interview, any last comment?

Yeah Thanks for the interview and keep checking our website for news and dirt
on the band