Interview mit Aborted



Congratulations for your new record! How have been the reactions so far?

Seb (guitar and vocals) : Hi! Thank you, the reactions have been
mostly pretty good! Some people were a bit surprised with the musical
evolution of the band. We reached some new fans, and also off course
as always some people didn't follow us. But we still have mostly a
very positive feed back!

Aborted consists of members who are from Belgium, France and the UK. How do you rehearse? Isn't that a problem for you?

Seb: We get together before every tour and rehearse a couple of times,
it isn't too much of a problem since we all work at home, and we know
pretty much what we have to do, so no it has never really be an issue
for us. I think the fact that we come from different countries is very

First most of the people thought you are some sort of a Carcass-rip-off. Nowadays nearly every magazine is really fascinated by your music. What do you think about that change?

Seb : there is no denying that Carcass is a very important for us
since the "Goremageddon" album. But we have made the style of Aborted
evolve and become more personal, by including a wider range of
influences, and experimenting.

What is the biggest difference which goes along with "Strychnine.213" if you campare the new record with the old one?

Seb : "Slaughter and apparatus" was a studio album, recorded with a
session drummer who we never had a chance to rehearse with, and
basically an incomplete line,up. "Strychnine 213" is a real groupe
effort, and you can tell it's a band playing, it actually sounds
pretty close to our live sound. Besides every member participated into
the writting and arrangement of that album.

Why do you always choose such "gore"-related topics? Has your
childhood been so terrible?

Seb: We play Death Metal, I think it's only coherent with the music to
have that kind of image and lyrics. I really don't like band focusing
too much on political or social subjects. The only way we talk about
society is to show how it turns people into monsters.

What do you think about the whole „deathcore"-trend? Do you keep
track of such things?

Seb : I personnaly don't really listen to those bands. They are being
sold as a new thing whereas to me, from what I heard, it's really not
that inventive. I really get the impression it's more about the way
they dress than the way they sound, it's mostly marketing in the

Why did you choose the woman fort he cover? Do you think sometimes that some lyrics or covers are too much for the people? Or is it more like you are trying to break with certain boundaries?

Seb : We just wanted to have a creepy cover, more realistic than the
previous ones, but we also wanted it to be at the same time gore and
classy. I thinnk it's a really beautyful cover!

Century Media is distributing your records. Have you been satisfied with the work of the label?

Seb: Yeah, they are very professional and supportive to us! Nothing to
complain about!

Which bands have influenced Aborted the most?

Seb : As I said earlier, Carcass is one of the main influences. I
guess on a personnal level I'm influenced by bands like Slayer, Morbid
Angel, Cannibal corpse, At the gates...

Do you have any plans when we'll be able to see you guys in Germany again? Is there any favourite tour or band you would like to join? Do you have any CDs you would like to recommend for our readers?

Seb : We should be doing a coheadlining tour with Naera in europe in
october, it will be mostly german gigs! And in September we'll be on
tour in the US with Carcass, and I honestly cannot think of a band I'd
like to play with more than Carcass! As far as new cds are concerned,
I woould say the last DEATHSPELL OMEGA is an incredible piece of work,
also check out WHITECHAPEL, really heavy shit!

You have the last word:

Seb : Thanks a lot for the interview and see you on the road in october!