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Das Interview wurde mit Gitarrist Tomi Koivusaari geführt:

Amorphis have had a lengthy career that has seen them morph from a folk influenced, gritted death metal band into a more sombre, melancholic hard rock band. Do you agree with that?

I agree that we have changed over the years, but I don't see it that clear path, as there has always been kind of jumpings to different kinds of musicstyles. It has been always very natural to us to make songs how we feel, and not to think it too much what kind of stuff it should be, or is it inside of some genre or not. But now when we have finally found line-up which seems permanent, the music is also little bit more stable. For now at least. But we are still open-minded to go any new directions as well in future, if it feels right.

Let us start with your latest album “Skyforger”. What is the inspiration behind the album?

Lyrics came from Pekka Kainulainen again, like on "Silent Waters" as well. They are again based on Kalevala-story, but Pekka did own version of it, kinda bring it more to this date. Story is about Smith Ilmarinen -skyforger. Sounds interesting...? Maybe, maybe not :) but it's a great story about one man's journey, and also lyrics are working individually as good as well. Musically I think we took one step further from last album, and It is kind of end of trilogy that "Eclipse" started.

Why "Skyforger"? What does the title imply?

It is to do with story, concept on album, Ilmarinen was forging the sky. I see it more as a metaphor for people's dreams, ambitions, hopes, dissapointments, meaning of life?

When was it recorded and where?

We started to record it at Sonic Pump Studios, Helsinki at the end of year 2008, and it was mixed at february 2009 at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki by Mikko Karmila

How are the responses so far?

So far I haven't seen any reviews about it, but most what I've heard people seem to think that it could be our best album. We ourselves have very strong feel about it.

How do you feel Amorphis has progressed from your first output “The Karelian Isthmus” since “Skyforger”?

I think we have managed to keep same kind of attitude and freedom to make songs than in early days. Of course music has changed over the years, I'm glad it has, because would be odd if band would not go forward, we were like 17 years old when we recorded "Karelian Isthmus". So musically I hope we have progressed a lot since those days. I still wouldn't change a bit from those early albums still, they are like landmarks of that time and age. I also think that we have better vision, a big picture of what we are doing as nowadays.

What is the feedback you get from your "older" fans? Is there hope to see another "Tales From The Thousand Lakes”?

There will never be another "Tales.." album, how could it be possible anyway? Trying to remake something we did 15 years ago would be quite pathetic in my opinion. Going backwards, not forwards. In other way thinking we still are doing tales albums, when it comes making music from our heart and being honest to ourselves, and not to think what other people are thinking of it.

Do you have any new plans for the future of the band?

Rest of the year at least we are going to be quite busy with touring, after that we haven't think about yet. Most likely after tours start to compose new songs. Also next year will be our 20th year, so let's see if there's gonna be some special..

Please tell us about your touring plans concerning Germany.

We will have couple of summerfestivals there, Dong Open Air and Summer Breeze, and after summer at autumn we will do European tour. There will be at least 9 cities in Germany as well, Berlin, Hannover, Glauchau, Aschaffenburgh, Andernach, Lichtenfels, Karlruhe, Munich and Essen.

Are there new bands that you can recommend?

Well one finnish band came to my mind first, it's called Major Label, and it kicks some serious ass in my opinion.

Your last words:

Take a listen to Skyforger and hopefully see you on tour!