Interview mit Atlas Losing Grip



Hi Gustav, hey Stefan! Please introduce yourself and Atlas Losing Grip real quick.

We are Gustav & Stefan and we play guitar n' bass in Atlas Losing Grip. We are a punk rock band from Sweden. We like melodies, vegetarian food and knee-highs.

What has been your most favourite spot on the „atlas“ so far?

The home of Atlas; Greece was nice when we played there last year. We were there in May so the weather was really nice. Stefan is half-greek too, so he can communicate with the indigenous people. We climbed mount Olympus and had a couple of Ouzos with Zeus, Atlas and the boys.

Do you guys still spend lots of time skateboarding and cracking bad jokes?

None of us skate on a regular basis, I myself might take my board out for a spin to pick up a sixpack and hang out with friends in the summertime, but nothing more than that. About jokes: see above.

How did the Swedish Punk/Hardcore-scene develop over the years? What do you miss from „SATANIC SURFERS / early VENEREA, NFAA or REFUSED times“?

The scene more or less died out in the late nineties. I really miss the time when you could check out great punk bands almost every weekend in Sweden. There are still an amount of bands playing this kind of music now but they dont get the attention they deserve over here anymore.

What is the best part of living (and being in a band) in Sweden?

It is a very good country when it comes to health care, study grant and so on.. I guess its a country where you feel kind of secure. From a band perspective its hard in many ways but easy in other. Lots of music competitions and such for young bands, pretty easy to find rehearsal spots in youth clubs and so on. But kind of hard to take the step from that and do more serious shows etc. I think you need the right contacts and a hell of a determination to get somewhere.

And what it the most anticipated change when you leave country for touring?

Restrictions, or the lack of them. Sweden is all about sound-level restrictions, alcohol-restrictions and the opening hours are better abroad. In sweden almost every „night“-club closes at 3. Coming to Germany is such a relief in many ways and the alcohol is cheaper, the culture is blooming.

What can we expect from a ALG live show when you hit Germany in March?

Happy faces, highfives 'n stagedives and a helluva afterparty.

What are your further plans for 2011? Festivals? Releases? Tours?

We are currently recording the last bits of our next album that will be released in May. The release will be backed up by a lot of touring. We can't wait for the album to be released though, so we're doing a shorter tour in Mar/April and then a 10-dayer in April which takes us through Germany/Austria/Slovenia/Italy/France and back and in May we're doing another 10-dayer in May that mostly takes us around Germany, so we have a lot planned as it is already. We wanna play as much as we can. As simple as that. Summertime is Festivaltime!!

Any famous last words?

As Jerry Springer would have said; "Take care of yourselves, and eachother!"