Interview mit Baroness



You just released your new record YELLOW & GREEN. So far, I just read overwhelming Reviews. But the social networks are a little bit more critical. What was the most positive and negative comment you read so far?

Pete: I don´t read them

Alan: I read them.

Pete: So you answer this?

Alan: Yeah, probably a better idea not to read them. Anything you do, everything you create and put out, people are critical.

Pete: Yeah but whats the most positive ones?

Alan: How many times can you read “I love this album” in a row?

Pete: Yeah I say I don't read them, but sometimes I read them and the most positive one would be “I love this album”.

Alan: The most negative one would be “Take my boner away”

Do this reviews or critics affect you as a band in any way?

Pete: No, not at all. I mean, in the end of a day it's a persons opinion, what their entitled to but it holds zero weight. I have never been affected by what someone says.

When I first listened to Yellow&Green, I was surprised but not disappointed at all...

Alan:...goooood... goood start...
...Well change was in the air, but I couldn't imagine that you guys would recreate modern rock music in such an intense form.

Have you ever thought, that the band would develop in such a way?

Pete: Nope

Alan: No probably not. I mean, we were all in different projects and tried out different styles. And every-time you create something new, you want to maintain your identity doing it. And I think we achieved that. We never sit down and talk about it, it just naturally happens.

In almost every interview I read, bands are always saying, that this record is who they really are. Do you think Y&G is the definition of Baroness?

Alan: Absolutely not. I think its just the evolution and the change that defines Baroness at the moment. It's always gonna be like that, it has been like that since the beginning and it's always gonna change. Take the first EP to the Red Album till now, it's always being a change.

Pete: But to add to that, one thing is for sure, when we play these songs, they are the most comfortable songs we wrote so far.

Alan: But we don´t try to bore you but we have to play them like 300 times.

Pete: But we still have the same energy when we perform them.

For your next record, I wouldn't expect Yellow&Green part II. But after this evolution in your sound, the next Baroness Record could be anything. Which style of music could the next record be influenced by?

Pete: Probably not Hardcore

Alan: I think Reggae would be cool, we sometimes do dub versions of our songs, but we never recorded them.

Pete: But I think we did our Job, if you couldn't find an influence.

Alan: Something that is fresh and new, not trying to do the same stuff over and over again.

Talking about different styles of music. Which non Metal Records are in the heavy rotation in your Nightliner?

Alan: We listened to a lot

Pete: Yeah like Radiohead, or the new Justice Record

You toured with Metallica and the audience you played in front of went from 1000 people to 35000 or even more. Today you´re going to play in front of 300 die hard fans. How can you catch such a huge audience, that´s primary not at the gig for you? And whats the difference between support and headlining shows?

Alan: When you're playing support shows, you´re more stressed because you want to win them over.

Pete: When you're doing a headlining show, you feel the energy and you notice that everyone is here for you. So I guess that's more fun to do.

Alright guys, were done. Any last words?

Pete: Come out to see us live

Alan: We will definitely come back!