Interview mit Born From Pain



1. ok, born from pain are wellknown in the european scene nowadays - so tell us who is bfp, where do you come from?

Well Born From Pain is a band from the East Mining Area from from the south east of Holland. We call this scene the MOC, which is around for about 8 years or so now...

2. All of you guys have played in other bands before - give us a short summary how you came into the scene - what were your first concerts, what made you enthusiastic about hardcore? When did born from pain start to exist - what where the reasons for starting this band?

Rob is the veteran in the band he used to be in tons of bands before. He used to be in in Point of no Return, Backdraft, Feeding the Fire and Wheel of Progress to name the important ones. Besides Born From Pain Rob sings in Bloodsport. There's me (Ché), I've never been in any serious band before, this is my first serious thing. Marijn used to be the singer for Standard. Then there's Wouter and he used to be in Feeding The Fire, Bunrning Still, Putridus and Bloodsport. Last but not least there's Stefan, he used to be in a lot of bands but the most important one is Invidia, in which he used to sing, he also plays guitar for Bloodsport right now.

3. Sum up your bandhistory up to now - concerning tours, cd, demos etc.

Well we've got a demo out on Repel from Germany which is sold out. We've released the MCD "Immortality" on England based label Controtion around the same time we released a split 7" with Iron Skull from Germany on Stitserland based label Fat For Life. After "Immortality" was sold out Gangstyle recz. decided that they wanted to re-release it, so that happened. Not long after the re-release got released Gangstyle put out our "Reclaiming the Crown" full length. Just recently we released outr latest record, a split CD with Redline from New Jersey, this record is titled "swift, silent, deadly".

The first tour we ever did, was an English tour in the winter of 1998. After that we were on theroad all the time. We were on a European tour with Cold as life on their first tour. We went to England almost twice a year. We were on tour in Italy and Greece, in Spain and Portugal and Scandinavia this last year.

4. What are you guys about? What is Born From Pain about? Are there any bands you would say "that are our roots, our biggest influences"?

Anything that sounds heavy and aggressive are our influences, from oldschool to NY hardcore to metal to metalcore to whatever. I doesn't matter how you call it, as long as it's hardcore, 'cuz we're a harcore band.

On a more philosophical basis I might answer everything is of influence for Born From Pain, 'cuz there is a lot of stuff that we don't listen to and we don't want to sound like that, so that influences us in our musical style. But we want to write music that makes us dance, that has always been our goal, that's the idea. A song has to sound hard and aggressive.

5. There is much division in "our" scene nowadays - everybody disses someone else. What do you think about these topics? Do you think there could be a means to an end somehow?

It's human to talk behind people's backs, not that it's an excuse or anything like that and it doesn't make it okay, but that's a fact. As far as the division thing goes, I don't like that either, but to Born From pain it's no problem, I think we can play with youthcrew, metal, metalcore, emo or whatever bands. We don't have a problem with any style of music as long as the people invloved are sincere. Mutual respect is the keyword here.

6. What do you dislike most about nowadays scene?

There's not something I can point out and say I don't like that, It would be the whole shittalking thing, but that goes for life in general as well, I guess.

7. There is a big variety in hardcore today - the vegan and the straight edge thing, emo, tuff guy, political things. Do you support some of these things or are you like "these things have nothing to do with hardcore"?. Are any of you guys involved in the straight edge thing or are there any vegetarians/vegans in bfp?

Like I said earlier in the interview, we don't have any problems with any form of expression or lifestyle, we all support it. As long as they give us respect we'll give them respect. Being vegan, vegetarian or straight edge is of no importance to Born From Pain, Born From Pain is not about that. I think that things like that have to be personal, but yes there are vegan, vegetarian and straight edge people in Born From Pain...

8. What are your alltime faves? name each five hardcore and five non hardcore classics for you!

Black Sabbath: Everything up untill Sabotage

Crowbar: Odd fellows rest

Faith No More: Angel Dust

Machine Head: All

Madonna: Ray of light

Tori Amos: Under the Pink

Madonna: Ray of Light

Stigmata: Hymns for an unknown God

Merauder: Master Killer

Hatebreed: All

Killing Time: Brightside

Madball: Demonstrating My style

9. You guys made a lot of touring in the last year and saw many different places and people: What do you think about the european scene - are there a lot of differences? What do you think about the single countries - what do you think about your own scene?

From all the different places we've been to I have to say that there are places which rock and there are places that suck. I think the European scene is pretty good, I'm proud of being part of a scene like this.

10. It seems to me that the five of you put most of their time and energy in this band - what do you do besides of that? How do earn your living?

Well I (Ché) still study, and work at a research and marketing office, furthermore I organise shows with Rob every month. Rob is an ICT teacher, and he organises shows with me every month.

Stefan does DTP. Wouter works for a car rental called Avis. Marijn is a courrier and does the concerts up in Hoofddorp.

11. How do you see the future for your band and yourselves? Are their any plans about touring or making a new cd?

We are currently in the process of writing new songs, to release a new full length. We want to go on a Phat tour this year and play out as much as possible.

12. What are the aims you try to achieve? with the band? personally? what are important aspects of your life?

I want to achieve as much as possible, release a lot of Cd's, go on phat tours, things like that with the band. On a more personal level: I really want to see the world, finish my studie(s) and become a famous writer.

13. Where do you see the future of our scene? Which way will it turn?

Well the future of our scene isd the same as always, there's ups and owns in the scene. The one year oldschool is the next big thing and the other year it's metal that sets the trends. I can't predict anything at all. But peopel should respect eachother more. The hardcore scene is a pretty small scene, so insted of dividing, it's better to work together and make this a healthy scene, in order to make it more fun. No matter the differences in opinions. Come on, most of us have a mature age so...

14. Ok, that's it for now. Any last words?

Thank you for doing the interview and the support. Check out the new Born From Pain release, which is called 'swift, silent, deadly' it's a split CD with Redline from New Jersey, and released on Gangstyle records. PEACE!!!