Interview mit Breakdown



1. Would you first introduce yourself to our readers, please?

What did you guys do jobwise, or in your freetime...? Jeff Perlin (Vocals).
Jeff works as a consultant for a software company,he plays hockey, does bong
hits, and chills out listening to the Clash in his free time... Harry Kazakos
(Bass). Harry is head of security at a building complex..He likes smoking cigars,
hanging out at greek cafes and driving his BMW.. Harry and I hang out on the
weekends at the local pub for a game of billiards and a few drinks...(Alot of
people mistake him for Bruce Willis!!) Raymond Greene (Drums) Ray is the new
guy in the band (Loui Lou quit because he wanted to spend more time eating doughnuts
and getting fat!!)... Ray is a quiet guy, a serious billiards player, and a
fresh drummer... AJ Novello (Guitar) AJ is currently not in the band ( He is
playing in a band named Hescher, which is paying his bills for now) Who knows,
he might be back soon..... Mike Dijan (Guitar). Currently, I'm running my own
construction business...playing in three bands, trying to open up a recording
studio, and producing local HC bands... Any free time I have, I try to spend
time with my daughter Sophia (take her to basketball practice, hang out , eat
sushi, go to movies) I like working on my piece of shit truck and watching American
Football on Sundays (How much more white trash can you get!!)

2. Compliments for the new cd, it's very good, you can call it
already a classic album?

Thanks...but we will see how the response is from our fans (and also a new following)
whether it can be called a classic.... So far, we have gotten great feedback
from everywhere and we are very proud of our new album...

3. It seems that the coming of the new gitarist A.J.NOVELLO did
a lot of good for breakdown?

The new songs have more I think? I think AJ helped out alot, he was good for
an objective opinion when we were writing the album.... He pushed me to write
better riffs...He also threw in some cool leads and some atmospheric shit.....

4. How comes it that your type of HC isn't popular in NYC? Just
because there aren't many bands playing this style of HC, does not mean that
it isn't popular... As a matter of fact, we played a show this summer with "Age
of Quarrel" at CB'S that was totally sold out... There are lots of HC kids starving
for shows like that, but they do not happen often..

5. Can you explain why its popular in europe/japan?

I think HC gets alot more exposure in Europe and Japan. In the US, any media
attention that HC gets is negative..there are Television documentaries that
classify our music as violent and racist, any time someone commits a crime while
wearing a HC t-shirt, the media blames it on the music..In Eurpoe, there are
open air festivals that expose HC bands to thousands of people at one time,
while in the US, most of the open air fests feature mainstream and commercialized

6. Is there a difference in the european HC kids and the american
HC kids?

HC kids are different everywhere, whether it be in the US or Europe...There
are so many different styles of music and so many different scenes, that when
you play in a new place, you don't know what to expect..Sometimes we'll play
in a new place and the crowd will just stand there and clap because they don't
know our material, but the next show four hours away, the whole place is going
fucking crazy and knows every single song.....I think anyone who checks out
and supports alternative music is cool in my book....

7. How is the scene in New York? Are there any Shows?

There are shows, but not every week, it's like one big show every couple of
months ..... Actually, AF is playing at CBs today... I'm going there as soon
as I finish this interview...

8. Why is new cd out on I scream records in europe/japan and
not on centuremedia?

Both CM and I-scream offered to put out the new CD, but we signed with I-scream
because they are a more HC orientated label, and they have less bands on their
roster, so they can put more time and effort into the band....We still have
a good relationship with CM....

9. The lyrics of breakdown are tuff,straight up and full of anger?Based
on living in NYC?

Not really...Jeff grew up in NYC, but he now lives in Baltimore (Which is much
worse).. His lyrics basically reflect personal experiences he's had in his life,
and us as a band ( all the ups and downs) He pretty much comes straight to the
point, and doesn't hold anything back..

10. The song "Bronx bull",what's it about?

Bronx bull is about Jake Lomatta, a champion prize fighter from the 1950s a
guy that had everything and lost it all) Watch the movie "Raging Bull" and you'll
know what he's talking about.... 11. And "Freedomsong"? That's like an anti-yuppie
song, sort of mocking what the lower east side is turning into ( A fucking yuppie-tourist
trap) It basically means that we are not going to change our lifestyle just
because everything around us has changed...

12. Are you planning to come on tour? Europe?

Definatley, we trying to organize a tour for late spring of 2001...

13. Mike,Harry,are also playing in Coldfront? How is it with Coldfront?

Can we expect something new from that band? Actually, Coldfront will be releasing
a full length on Centurymedia/Kingfisher records in the spring of 2001... we
start recording in Jan.

14. Some last words?

We want to thank everyone in Europe who has supported the band throughout the
years... Also, we want to say what's up to all the new freinds we made last
year on tour (too many to name!!) Peace..................