Interview mit Bridgeburne_r



Would you first like to introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Sev Burner and I sing for Bridgeburner.

Would you give us a brief introduction to the history of Bridgeburner?

Yeah, we started back in the mid 80ies in Texas. We were all living together in the quiet city of Boulderdash. We got into Punkrock from our weekend trips to the bigger cities and then we started our own band.

How did you get to those famous Split 7'' es with Naussea and Born Against?

Even with all the bigger cities in our area we were still one of the few Punk and Hardcore bands at that time in that part of Texas. So when bands like Born Agains or Naussea toured through Texas we were always the opening band and we just became friends with them through this. We wrote each other letters and got asked to do the splits.

What do the lyrics of Bridgeburner deal with?

Different social and political topics. There is a song about consumerism and taxes, a song about that there need to be more women active in our community, a song about people who think that going to a hardcore show is all about standing in the back and look tough you know... all that good shit.

Would you please tell us something about the Texas scene?

There still really isn't one. We all are in different parts of Texas but we aren't really too familiar with that. We kinda took a hideous for a while. For the past seven years or something like that. I teach and we've all got jobs and lives. Some of us are married, some of us have children so it's kinda hard to keep up with what's happening in other parts of Texas. But in our area around Boulderdash there is not really much going on.

Why did you guys split up actually?

We just didn't really see much of a future in what we were doing and we started to get in that age where we wanted to make sure to put some food on the table and we started to develop relationships. Well actually punkrock wasn't doing it so we just stopped for a while and now it seems a good time to start again.

And why is there a reunion and an European Tour?

Well we all just got in touch with each other and we all just started talking about doing it again. And there was interest from some labels here and some other parts of the world. Well we kinda felt that people forgot about us and so we decided to do a couple of tours and see what it's like.

What are your jobs besides of Bridgeburner?

Like I said, I teach. Billy runs his own escort service. Eric runs his own music store and graphic design company. And Kaleb doesn't do reall much, he models underwear for speedo pants.

And what about the future plans with Brideburner?

I don't know, we'll just do a couple of tours and see how things go.

Some final words?

No thanks for the interview man.