Interview mit Caliban



1. Most people will know you by now after you released the great "VENT"
album but please introduce the band anyway. When and why did you start ?
What does Caliban stand for ?

Hi, we´re Caliban. The current line-up is:

Andy-vox, Denis-guitar, Engin-bass, Marc,guitar, and me, Robert-drums. Nice to meet you!

It all started in 1997 with a band called "Never Again." After some time we didn´t like the name anymore,
And decided to call the band Caliban. After half a year of practicing we recorded some songs and sended the tape to different labels. Lifeforce was the first one that replied and got the deal. We´re still very happy to be
on Lifeforce!

2. There's always a big discussion if bands like Caliban or Heaven Shall
Burn are still hardcore or if they are just pure metal. What's your opinion
on that ?

Well, I don´t give a fuck on such discussions. Hardcore is not just music! Ok, the music we´re playing is more metal than hardcore, but: wouldn´t it be boring if all bands would play the same style? I think that a great variety of music-styles within the hardcore scene is great.

3. You got personal lyrics which mostly are quite hateful. What's the main
influence for the lyrics ? What's more important to you: music or lyrics ?

Both!!! We try to combine that. Most of our lyrics are very personal. Andy describes his personal feelings in the lyrics, and he´s mostly writing when he feels sick of anything. Thats why you may think that the lyrics are hateful. The music is very important too. I think that without the right music the best lyrics would not be that good.

4. Last year you played shows all around Europe, the USA and Japan. Which
were the best/worst ones ?

I really can´t say that! I think that every fuckin show we played last year was great. 2001 was very succesful for us, and we can´t thank our fans enough for that. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!!!

5. You played a big festival with bands like Slayer, Pantera and
MachineHead. What was it like for you to play such a big audience and share
the stage with bands that I guess are some of your influences ?

It was insane. To play on the same stage like Slayer, Machine Head or Pantera was awesome. It was a dream coming true. The japanese kids are incredible, thats what i can say.

6. What are your future plans ? Will 2002 see a new Caliban album and will
it be on Lifeforce again or are you in contact with some other labels ? Any
tour plans ?

We will definately record a new album this year. It´ll come out on Lifeforce sometime around november/december. As for touring plans, We will be on the road most of the spring and summer. In march we´re going to the UK for a short trip, and we´ve dates in swizerland confirmed. There will be tons of dates in Germany and the benelux, too. In july we´re going to the USA again to tour there a few weeks. The dates will be posted on our site as soon as they´re in.

7. That's it for now. Thanks for taking your time. Any final words,
shout-outs or whatever ?

Lexi, thanks to you fort he interview. Sorry that it took me so long to make it!!! Thanks to all the kids out there that are giving us such a great support. You are awesome. We hope to meet you all on one of our upcoming shows.

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Thank you!