Interview mit Clarity Process



Hi! what is your name and what do you do for the Clarity Process?

steven - vocals, zach - guitar, josh - drums, jeff - bass, and kris - keyboards and production.

Could you give an impression of what CP is about, to all readers that don't know the band and its music?

We don't want to sound pretentious or be cliche, but we really just want to make art that will hopefully reach people on some level. We want to make people think and feel with our music.

I read in an Interview with you that you were starting this band for doing arts. So my question is: Where does music end and art start, for you?
To us music is a form of art. Of course, not all of it is good art. In fact a lot of it is commercial garbage that exists only so that record companies to capitalize on pop culture. We hope to make music that will enrich our culture and speak to people on a human level. We want to make people look at things in a way that they haven't looked at them before. That is art to us.

And how do you think the scene of art-making "hardcore"-bands (Post-Hardcore or whatever) changed in the last years?
Unfortunately, the market has been flooded with mediocre "hardcore" and "post-hardcore" bands. So, as a result, i think the art has suffered and it has become watered-down. That is why it was so important for us to grow as a band while making this record. We deliberately eliminated most of the screaming and chugga chugga breakdowns that are associated with that type of music. Our goal was to make a record that is energetic and powerful without the use of these cliche elements of "hardcore". We also wanted to incorporate more melody. We tried to walk a fine line between a few genres to make something different. We hope that it will come accross that way when people hear the record.

Your new Album "killing the Precedent" is out now. What do you think of it and what do you think when you read in a review: "Clarity Process could be the head of a new movement. Breaking the old habits and structures..."
We are very proud of this record. A lot of growth took place while we were making it, not only as a band, but also as individual musicians. We really focused our entire lives on being the best that we are capable of being. However, we are still growing and hope to improve as musicians and artists for the rest of our lives. We will probably never be satisfied. As for the second part of the question...We are all very flattered by that comment. It definitely feels good to get positive feedback because we did work so hard on this record. Starting a movement in the art world is an amazing accomplishment; definitely one to which we aspire. I'm not sure that we have reached that level, yet, but hopefully we will achieve it at some point. Breaking old habits and structures is an important part of writing to us. Otherwise, we would just be recycling what others have done before us. So we hope that is evident in our music.

I think in Germany you found a really good label to spread your Message. Defiance perfectly fits with your ideals. What is it like to work with them?
They have been great! It has been a very enjoyable experience. We really look forward to touring Germany and the rest of Europe, and Defiance is very supportive of that, so, hopefully it wont be long.

And I read on your homepage that KTP will be re-released via Victory. How did it come to that and what do you expect...
Well, Victory is now doing distribution for Rise Records. So, naturally, we are very excited about it. For us it means more records in more stores and also more support in terms
of advertising and touring. So we look forward to it.

So there are no lyrics with the Promo-CD. Please tell me/us what there are about or better: against what?
We cover a lot of ground lyrically. Some songs denounce commercialism and capitalism, some songs are about politics and political ties to capitalism. Then other songs are more personal and deal with death, relationships, sex, communication, etc. There are many issues that are important to us, so we try to address anything and everything that makes us think or feel. Hopefully, that will speak to people who listen to our music.

Do you think "Killing the precedent" is a tragedy like the Promo-Paper says? Or is this Life the Tragedy and you just narrate it?

We would probably say the ladder is more accurate because the things that are addressed lyrically are not necessarilly created by us. Although we are affected by all of it, many of these issues would continue to exist even if we did not.

What is your "favourite" ideological Question?
We don't really have a favorite. Anything that makes people question their ideals is important. We try to question everything. Hopefully, our favorite idealogical question is constantly changing

Please tell us your future-plans...
We plan to tour everywhere!