Interview mit Corrosion of Conformity



1. Please, introduce yourself to our readers.

Hello Readers, this Mike Dean here.

2. Finally, the mighty CORROSION OF CONFORMITY go on tour again. What influenced the
decision to get back on tour, especially, overseas? Money, boredom, nostalgia, desire, destiny?

All of the above. Destiny sounds self-important let's go with that.

3. Too long fans had to wait for COC to return to Europe – what can they expect besides an
awesome show of good ol´ warm hearted Southern-Metal?

Since this tour is a return to our three piece line up, we are playing the album "Animosity" in its entirety or near entirety and we're playing some new material from our forthcoming album as well.

4. COC suffered from a lot of line up changes in the past and, also, always got interrupted
because of DOWN recordings, tours and METALLICA auditions – the question arises: Is
COC, now, becoming an independent band with it´s own plans? If – what are those plans? Is
the “Albatross” going to be on a longer flight? Can fans even dare to hope for a new record?

We can't schedule our life around Down anymore.
Working with Pepper is great and I predict we'll do it again, probably soon, but we want to keep the band we started moving forward.
As for a new release, your hopes will be realized.
We have recorded all of the basic tracks for a new collection of 12 songs, as trio.
We resume work on this project in May between short tours of Europe.
Basically we have to add vocals, no small matter, and mix.

5. How much suffered COC of the consequences of hurricane “Katrina”?

All in all, we didn't actually suffer.
no one's home was destroyed or loved ones killed or way of life changed forever, so even Pepper and Stanton are among the lucky.

At the time we we're trying to tour in support of "In the Arms of God".
We actually recorded the record in New Orleans, at the rehearsal space used by the band Galactic.
Their drummer, Mr. Stanton Moore, was our special guest drummer for that one.
The studio was in an old rope factory and it was actually mostly destroyed by the flooding when the levies failed a few days after the storm.
By that time we were out on tour and Pepper had to go back home to New Orleans and take care of his place.
He was fortunate enough to be living uptown where there was much less flooding.
So we canceled a tour of Europe with Motorhead, and few other things.
It was understandable but unfortunate.

6. As fans always tend to tell their heroes what they love about one´s band, would you tell us what makes COC so special for you?

Well, Woody, Reed and I totally learned to play music together so there's a bond there and form of communication.
We get pretty psychic with the free time pauses between parts.

7. Could you tell us how you would describe your band to someone who had never heard about

Probably not effectively.
I'd say we're a hardcore band that discovered how to incorporate heavy metal then digested the great classic rock songbook only to regurgitate it all into a new somehow almost original form.
With a nod to Black Sabbath and the Bad Brains of course.

8. You always denied to be a “political band”, but you were politically active in the past – does
that belong to your responsibility as a musician and human? Would you name one of the
organization you support and why?

Here's the problem with politics: politics, no matter how well intentioned is really a form of primate territorial infighting.
No matter what system of government we advanced primates pursue, we always seem to mess it up with our lack of wisdom and compassion.
With wisdom and compassion nearly any approach could be satisfactory but these are usually in short supply.
That disclaimer aside, I support any peaceful endeavors to reveal and stop abuses of human rights.
I support any endeavors to dispell propaganda and promote freedom of press, speech and information.
And I support any effort to accurately shine a light on the unholy influences of corporate power, mostly from energy and financial areas, on our various governments.
And to moderate that influence in a sensible way.
To approach that with wisdom and compassion is a tall order.
Fortunately I'm just a bass player and we're all fucked anyway so, next question.

9. Please, name two songs of COC: One you are fed up with playing live and one who always
gives you this “certain kind of feeling”.

"Kiss of Death" is hard for me because it is literally a non stop torrent of words that is guaranteed to destroy your voice.
"Loss for Words" and "Consumed" always seem effective.

10. Any last words to your fans?

Enjoy life and seek out what and whom you enjoy because it goes fast.
That's cliche but true.

Thank you very much for this interview !!!