Interview mit Darkest Hour



To start with, please give us a short introduction to DARKEST HOUR.

Well we are a melodic, thrash metal, punk rock band from Washington, DC. We have been kicking around since 1995. We have 4 full length records our latest being Undoing Ruin which came out in Late June of this year.

Tell us about your new album, “Undoing Ruin“. What are the main differences to „Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation“?

Well the songs are shorter, more melodic, more diverse from each other, made to work together kind of flow if you will, and we took a lot more chances. Lyrically, the songs are more personal then political and vocally the songs have a bit few more dimensions.

The Lyric of your prior releases have been really critical attacking politics as well as religion and commercialism. Despite „District Divided“, “Undoing Ruin“ isn‘t political at all. What are the songs about and is there a reason why you don’t sing anymore that much about politics?

Well they are about personal shit to john and I think some of the meaning shines through so we hope that people can read into the lyrics and find something to releate to. I think the record took this shape because the songs seemed more personal and less you know just straight pissed!

I love the artwork of your new album. Who made it and in which context does it stand to the music/lyrics on it?

Well our friends Chris Taylor made the cover and it was kind of his impression of all the emotions we told him we were expressing on the record. We knew how is are looked so we knew it would fit the vibe of the record so when we got the cover we were stoked because it was the kind of look we were going for.

This time you worked together with STRAPPING YOUNG LAD’s Devin Townsend. What was his inflluence on the production of the album?

He definitely came on board and became a part of the band so to speak. He did his best to keep us grounded and make this record as killer as possible. We really feel like he put his heart in it, in every way possible so we were totally stoked with his work.

“Undoing Ruin“ was promoted as THE metalcore release of the year. As one of the first bands bridging the gap between hardcore and metal, what do you thing about this worn off label?

I think it fucking blows. I mean I think needing to label all this shit is stupid. Man its metal I mean the only metal you need to label is Nu Metal just so I know that I shouldn’t buy it otherwise. Call it metal and let the FANS DECIDE!

You always tended to feel more comfortable on the hardcore side of life, concerning the more open minded community and its supportive character. Do you still stick to those genre distinctions or has it become a blurry mass without real borders?

Sure I mean we definitely feel that music should be social conscious, political and emotional, aware of its local and national scenses and should be about a connection with the audience as apposed to a rock star like seperation I think there are few bands that really were able to achieve all these things in the metal world and that is why at time s I feel that darkest hour fits in the punk world. Although musically we are just metal metal metal!

On every DARKEST HOUR album you have had an experimantal instrumental track. Do you have a special addiction to those tracks?

Sure they are fun and you get to go crazy on them in the studio. They get to be out of control sometimes but we love them because there really is no worry its like they are on the record but probably wont get played live.

Tell me about the music scene in Washington, DC. What do you like/dislike there?

Well its very amazing and very disappointing all at the same time. We have our division and then we have our unity. Its awesome to be from a place that has so much history in punk music but also sad when we realize that there is not to much happening on a national level from DC. DH maybe one of the biggest bands from the local DC music scene right now.

And what about all that kickbox mentality at hardcore shows, do you like it?

NO ABSOLUTLY NOT. Please stop. Circle pits not karate kicks!

Please name one book, one record and one movie everyone should own.

One Book: Hithhikers Guide to the Universe
One record: Back in Black ACDC
One Movie: The Big Labowski

All you guys seem to have a good sense of humour, what kind of humour do you favour? What makes you laugh?

Dude the best comedians in the world who we both lost this year: Rodney Dangerfield and Mitch Hedburg. Want to know what makes us laugh go listen to their comedy!

DARKEST HOUR was started during your High School times. Did your dreams back than come true and is there a toll to the live as a hardcore/metal band?

Sure but the grass is always greener you have to stay driven so with every new accomplishment comes a new goal and that is the way you not only live its how you grow, also.

You already toured Europe and are coming back soon. How did you experience Europe the last time? What’s the most memorable situation from that tour and what are your expectations on the following one?

We love it, we love the people. The most memberable thing about Europe is how great and accomidateing the people are. We love how they take care of you and do their best to make sure your taken care of.

Thank you very much for your time. The final comment is yours!

No thank you very much we greatly appreciate it, see ya over sea’s soon!

Mike darkest hour