Interview mit Dawncore



Would you first like to give a brief introduction to the band itself?

We are dawncore from budapest hungary and we play for ages J, I don't want to enumerate our names because they sound weird. Originally we strated to play in 1994 but just for fun. We lived in the same district and we hung out together. We were simple grind/hc/trash skate kids -it was different per person-. I was the last one who joined the band and i became the singer cause I had talent to nothing and I was to lazy to practice. No……… seriouslly when we started to play we never thought that we will play shows at all I think , we just went down to practice to go crazy you know. But everything just happend fast. Shows, demos, 7'' , a CD, tours and now here we are. Time is runing. Lot of thing have changed in the past 6 years. 1st we had to learn how to fuckin use our instruments right after we realized that playin as a band is not about that how big you can jump.
Right after our first euro tour with Newborn we had to revalue the things about the band. That time I left it, but I realized after a couple of week that I can not live without the band without the hardcore. I felt myselft I am good for nothing, everything what moved me now dissapeared it was really fucked up………….I took phonecalls to the others and we decided to kick out our old bassist / he had and still has serious alcohol problems. We went back to the practice room and we just played, talked and hung out ,we think about nothing serious , we enjoyed that we did nothing together. With our two new members from Newborn the whole musical horizon became much more wider.
Since then things are goin more fluent. We do not care that what kind of hardcore we are metal or chaos or what else. Fuck that , we do not care at all. If someone will say we are assholes and we are not hardcore, we do not care either. If hardcore is not about building walls we are hardcore, if it is about labels and back stabbing , we are not.

Dawncore seems to combine lot's of influences to me, how would you label or describe your music?

ROCK . it is hard to say or draft but , i am pretty sure that dawncore is not the band who wants or can cahnge the world , cause the persons in dawncore are real mortals who want to see themselves clear first.
But what is important is that we are hardly trying to keep the moral clearness the moral attitude. I think this is the main difference between a band from the punkrock scene and band from the metal scene. This is the main and not how you sound.
We are playing heavy music from the start. First we played cause we could not play on any another way, later cause we loved to use our knowledge on the way that people do not like, i think we really like to play music what makes people indignant.

First when we started to play I was 15 , sounds funny-and we just think about after, that what we are doin and what we are about. I think it is preposterous if a group, who call themselfs later a band, agree what kind of music they play before the first practice. They only loose what to playin in a band is about: ,the pleasure of doin something creative, something what is you without any compromise to create something new.
Do not misunderstand me, if the believes and the ideas are the same, or at least stand close to eachother it will help to develop, and in a punkrock band belives are a must. I am emphasizing only that musical and lyrical developing and creativity is at least that important, if not more important than mental aproach.
In dawncore i think mostly the musical cohesion is the main.

Initial influences are ……hm hard to say cause it is really different. But bands like converge, deadguy, today is the day or coalesce are loved by all of us cause they were able to redraft the topic of playin hard if you know what I mean. That is why they are awesome, cause they rock hard on their own way.
What we listened at the real begining hm….let me see i think from slayer to repulsion through cromags or metallica or dri. But it was 6 or 8 years before. We changed and learnt a lot since then. I would be sad if we would not.
I think nowdays it is really not typical - ecspecially for mat and sabi - that they collect or listening noise hardcore records but it is not my deal at all. It still makes me sweat when I am on my own at home with the new neurosis or with the new afi f.e. in my bag………

The cover of your current record looks very "Chinese" or something like that.. What is the meaning behind it?

It is japanese I think and Marco who did the concept of the layout (and many things what I can not write down here) chose it at his local tatoo shop. It means somethin like rock and roll and noise, i only can trust that it does not have any shitty meaning. But it looks very cool I think. I will let you know if I will get any death wish mail from that area cause it means something bad, right?

Your lyrics and song titles are pretty angry (and so is your music to me as well), what was your motivation to write such negative lyrics?

It is angry and agressive and dark and loud and noisy, heavy…..that is why we play music, this what dawncore alway was and will be about. That is why the rock globally means more. I think that is our main goal with dc, trying to reach the boarders of musical and lyrical, extremity, provocation, sarcasm.

It is sure that most of the lyrics are negative, could you please try to scream pink words for any of our songs, would be funny I think. But I would not call the lyrics negative, they are more sarcastic I think or I always try to reflect or represent my thoughts on another level as it is usual. I really love to use crazy methaphores for example.

The inspiration for them are pretty clear, you know when I started to draft my thoughts about, what I can stand for I was 16. Since then I became older, I started to be an adult , I started to taste the LIFE. I realized and I am realizing day by day how the things just goin you know and I experienced that there are much more horroristic topics than the unity for example, and this is the life actually. I mean these topics are still important but....

But I got other lyrical inspirations too: for example the song called there is nothing new under this black sun is inspirtaed by my grandfather's aphrism collection.

Once we played in munich and beteween 2 song I just talked about some bullshit and a guy screamed to me that: ok you guys are saying it is not right how most of the peoples live their grey life - and he asked- do you guys have any alternatives or ideas? Do you guys can offer anything else? He caught me that time. You know what, he was totally right but if we can not even try to do anything else that the routine, it is better than we die. With my band I feel we can say words , we can play chords and rythms what we did not before. So it means we learn, and this is what still moves us I think.

What are you guys doing besides Dawncore?

Mat is unemployment but he is really busy with Newborn and dawncore too he really lives day by day but he learnt computer animation.

Our drummer works at a mall and he learns software developper, Sabi is kinda driver and he learns avarage informatics and he makes websites and web designs, Tibi is a former cable guy and now he just doin the bands and trainng his body I am struggeling with economy knowledege and I am playin a slave at a helpdesk and I am booking local shows here. It is not that less, isn't? Do not ask how can we do the band beside this cause we do not even know……………….

Your Homepage looks really cool, are you guys into internet stuff? What's your opinion on this whole shittalking phenomenon in all these bulletin boards or guestbooks?

Yeah I like it too, our guitar player sabi is doin it. Why I am angry a bit is that sometimes it is not about what it is for. Straightlly he is a little bit lazy in updating it. So please bomb him with mails that we want more info

Webboards…………..tell me in the eye hahaha was it tough? Sometimes I am reading them too. I just care the freaks who are talking shit about real hard working bands. Last time what made me totally mad was the romours about Liar. Fuck him Liar ROCKS and they have their views before most of the shittalkers learnt to talk.

Lot's of people say/think that you would be a very big band if you were from the united states. your opinion?

WHAT? This sounds funny, I can not give any answer for it cause we are not an american band and we will not be in the near future but …… know what I'd try it , it would be cool to travel with a night liner hahahaha.

Yeah it took a while for us too to find a cool label and we are very happy and proud that we can be on join the teamplayer. Yes it is harder for a middleeuropean band to get closer to the fire, but i think it is not impossible at all. Mostly our own inability is our drawback I think. There is some example before us: sunshine,newborn,lvmen,analena…………and more. It is true that the european kids are american orianted but it is a good chance to everyone to prove what he/she can.

What's up in things like punkrock and hardcore in Hungary?

I think it is healthy but still does not move as much people as for example in czech . There are bands I like, …………. sorry that I have to say this but most of the bands are not mature musically to play ,or maybe I am wrong, that I can not enjoy their sets, I do not know. The typical accident : hard conviction and message but no musical and live performance inspiration. This is what I talked about before.

We all have this cliques here too what is not that bad I think till everybody is doing his thing first..

Anyway we do not play that much in Hungary - because of he lackof the people- and we take efforts to play bigger shows with metal bands. Of course we got the sell out and rock star labels from some guy ,but it is unescapable. ……no one would be loved by everyone.

Are you active in political issues?

Not really. we do not consider ourself anarchist or we do not see red. Honestly we never talked about this but we don't believe in any political elitism this is sure. In the near past there are bright examples that there are no right persons on any side. It really does not matter how they label themselves they all just want to push us -the middle and under class persons- into the situation where we can play the cat, mouse game. The backing has to be clear to everyone: with blind consuming and with giving our life to our empoyers we only loose what is worth to live for: the pasion, compassion, the identity and self expression.

That is the easiest way to control and cover the eyes by makin the chance of consumption.

The belivers of any parites are slue to themselves that things will change or now they can show..I know only one thing that had nothing he/she will have nothing in the future either and the cold truth is that the working man will always be the last in the line.
I do not know but something must happen cause it can not take too long. The one part of the world do not really knows what to do with the money and more than the quarter has nothing to eat …………….

Of course there are univoque things we stand for: against racism, animal rights but it is univoque I think as I mentioned before. There is no place for antisemitism or sexualdiscrimination in the scene but in my opinion there is no space for spreading religious views either.

What are your future plans besides the tour with Darkest Hour?

Another tour with slayer.

Could you please give some statements to the following topics:

- favorite book:
JAWS, The Giants of the seas, Buterfly

- favorite movie :
The exorcist, Other Hungarian movies directed by Andras Szoke.

Final Words?

Thanx a lot for the interview we really appreciate it, allschools is one of the best webzines (I heard it from Sabi cause I do not speak german unfortunatelly) but it is full with info and update. Thanx a lot to all the promoters who booked us and of course, thanx to Ivonne and Marco of JTTP for working this hard for us. Watch out for our split 5'' with Darkest Hour and come to our shows in november or……….simply die.
Keep on rockin hard.

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