Interview mit Despised Icon



1: Introduce yourself:

Eric Jarrin, guitar player.

2: On Sept 22nd the fans can finally buy your new album "Day Of Mourning". What can the fans expect?

Huh, To be aurally assaulted, sonically violated� hahaha. Nah, I�m just kidding. Well, to me, this is the most brutal album that Despised Icon has recorded in it�s 8 years of existence. So the fans can expect an album that doesn�t sound mainstream at all, that is a true lesson in violence and that can cause serious needs to beat your grand-mother down without regrets!

3: You are releasing CDs since 2002. What's the main difference between recording an album as a local band back in 2002 and recording an album as big metal act in 2009?

Actually, that is a very interesting question. I would have to say that for Despised Icon, there�s not much difference though. We�ve approached the recording and the song writing the same way we did our first album, and that I can say, every time we�ve been in a studio. I didn�t consider the fact that there�d be more fans or people listening to the new album when we worked on it. What really matters to me, is that when I play back the album, I don�t hear something I don�t like. If can achieve that, we�re golden!

4: 3 days after the release, you are on the road again. How does it feel to say, you are on your own headline tour?

It feels great. At first, this wasn�t the plan but it turned out this way and I�m happy with it. We�ll get to play more songs every night, which allows us to play more new material. It will also give us a good idea where the band is right now, in terms of popularity.

5: After your headline tour, you are going to join the "Never Say Die Tour". Are you excited to come to Europe again?

So much! We love Europe. It�s like a second home to us. The people, the food, the cities, the architecture, everything is just great over there! And this will be our first time headlining the shows as well so I can�t wait to hit the road in Europe again!

6: Since 2005 you are on Century Media. How is it to work with those guys over the years?

It�s been a great relation over the years. The North American office was the first one to sign us. I remember the European office being weirded out about us because back in 2005, our blend of hardcore and death metal wasn�t really popular over there. But with time and many tours they got to believe in the band and right now they are very supportive!

7: Can you remember the point where you thought maybe this could be a full time thing or are you still working towards that?

Well, since 2004 it�s been pretty much a full time thing, at least for Alex and me. Because we both take care of the band�s business when not on tour, we�re the ones that write most of the music so it�s been a full time investment for me since then. We got a manager last year to relieve us of some work but it�s still very much time consuming.

8: Best Concert so far?

The live DVD concert was probably the best one so far. It was so awesome to play home in front of our fans, friends and families. We had a few good ones like in Moscow, Mexico City but playing Montreal as something magical for us. Maybe because we started out there!

9: For anyone who maybe hasn't heard of Despised Icon before, just to close up, how would you describe yourself, to someone who totally has never heard of you?

We are a band that doesn�t follow any path. We started to mix blast beats and breakdowns since 2002. Maybe it has become a more common thing nowadays in metal, but we are from a new school of metal that was mostly influenced by 90�s hardcore bands and California brutal death metal! There is no compromise in what you�ll hear, pure brutality and baby-eating riffs!

10: Any last words?

Thank you very much for your interest in Despised Icon!

11: Thank you very much, take care and see you in Munich!