Interview mit Devil Inside



Would you please first introduce yourself to our readers? Who are you?

we are a german/ turkish bastard with 5 members. a lot of friends were involved recording our 1st release.
we have 3 different type of vocals, 2 guitars, bass and drums.

Your band is pretty new in our scene, tell us how're you guys come together?

we started this project a year and a ½ ago, mainly to do something different. we all knew each other from the scene and different bands in the past. it was just a matter of good timing and it all worked out for us. mr. de la rossa joined us right after the recording for 36 karat!

What's the name Devil Inside about, why you choose this one?

the name reflects everybodys being. everyone has a certain type of devil inside. the majority of people manages to control the dark side and keep the devil inside. check the news later today and you will see/ hear a lot of crazy sick shit that was done by men to other men/ or living creatures. this is what we were refering to.

In that time, I see everywhere your promotion with little Istanbul HC or stuff like that!

Well 3 of your members are Turkish but where is the connection between hardcore / music and that Turkish style?

first off, devil inside is not a hardcore band. we are a hard band and we combine a lot of different musical styles. we blend the music we love and live and tried to create something new. the range goes from hip hop, metal, hardcore and traditionel turkish music. we use a lot of oriental riffings and have been inspired by some great turkish musicians. check out our mcd (f.e. the sixt song was inspired by barls manco) and you´ll understand.

What're the lyrics about? And why they are in German and not in Turkish for example? Who wrote them and what you wanna tell us?

our lyrics are simple and they describe a way of life: we never forgive, we never forget! so far they are in german and in turkish, for the simple reason-this is the best way for us to express what we are about. there might be songs in english in the future, but so far we like it a lot. it is honest and the lyrics have a certain flow. german is a very harsh voice and it is still new to us to play around with the words. after 36 karat we knew that we had to spend more time arranging the different vocals so that the music and the german lyric´s come out catchier.

How are the impressions about playing in your area "little Istanbul"?

there is nothing like a hardcore scene or community here in berlin. a bunch of bands helps each other out and that´s about it. our release party was quite a success. we had a battle of hardcore bands with hip hop acts. the acts took turns and everyone enjoyed the party. but it seems that hip hop and metal guys or hardcore guys are all ignorant.

What's up in Berlin's Hardcore Scene in general?

we don´t consider us part of the scene. we just do our thing.

Talking about the roots of Devrim and Co.!0 What's up in Turkish City's focused on Hardcore/Punk? Any Bands, Labels, Fanzines and stuff?

over here hardcore is not popular among the turkish youth. the scene in turkey is huge. there are a lot of bands with different musical styles, such as s.e., emo and tuff guy. there are many many metal bands. rock and metal has been part of the younger culture.

Your Debut-CD is brand new! Tell us something about the recordings. where, who helped out and stuff?

we recorded 6 trax in the rehearsel room of a band we are friends with. they are called das department, a political hardcore outfit from berlin kreuzberg. the practise at the famous rauchhaus. everything was recorded on harddisc and we mixed in our producers livingroom!! we had the chance to feature some friends on the recording. feature from al barr (the dropkicks) and ramazan from hasret fame.

Why you choose Alveran Records, and are you happy with that decision?

sascha saw us on one of our fisrt shows and told us right away he likes our music. handshake and deal done, this is how we work. so far we have nothing to regret and are happy with the work alveran does for us.

Tell us something about your hardcore related life! Are you active in our scene besides Devil Inside, if yes, who and in which case?

we all consume hardcore music and live our way of life. david also works at core tex records, he is pretty much in charge for the labels and all that stuff. tamer and volkan also run their own label called roughmixrecordings. check out our sites for more infos!

What is your opinion on Hardocre and Hardline?

we all had times in our lives were hardcore music and lifestyle was the most important thing and also times were this type of music was able to give you more than anything else in the world. hardline, means extreme. usually that is exactly were the problems beginn ....

Tell us what first comes in your mind when you think

o Jimmy Hendrix?
andy plötzer, the old git. player from charley´s war. he loved music!

o War?
death and innocent people getting killed. usually for material benefit of other. makes the rich richer.

o Vegans?
have no opinion, everybody´s own decision. it´s a great thing not to exploit animals. though I think a lot of people over do it. there are a lot of people out there that need help as well. you can not compare human life.
o Millenium?
fuck that 2yk bullshit - i know it is a tv show my roommate likes to watch.

Would you consider Devil Inside as a political band?

yes, devil inside is a political band. we come from the hardcore/ punk and rap background. before these musical style were so popular they all had strong politicals messages.

If you have the possibility playing in an Comic - which character would you like to be?

predator, hulk (volkan!), jason, wolverine and maybe some frank miller sin city stuff!

You don't have to answer if you don't want, but there were so many rumours about Devrim and leaving Disrespect! I still wanna know what's the TRUTH about that?

this is devrims thing. but i know that there had been tensions before he left.

David, runs Coretex Records. What can we expect in the future from the label and the store sides?

the store will be renovated sooner or later. there are some damn good records due to hit a store near you! sidekick amistad 10"/ cd. awesome recording, best madball like band in europe. killer sound and some very nice guestvocals ..... be prepared!!

there are a lot of other things planed but I don´t know what is confirmed and so on .....

What are your future plans?

we are going to re-release the 36 karat mcd with a bunch of bonus trax. they will be straight up hip hop, with typical hard devil style vocals. expect some of the hardest shit you have ever heard, featuring jamey hatebreed and killa hakan from islamic force.

Final Words?

thx for the interview and the chance to spread the word. thanks to all the people that support devil inside along the way. get in touch if you wanna know more or are interessted in merch. peace. devil inside and 36 dogz.