Interview mit Drift



Introduce your band! who is drift, where do you come from?

DRIFT is Mirko Machine on drums, Stephan playin bass, Dominik on guitar
and me Marcel on vocals.We're from Viersen, Germany

How did drift come together? when did you start doing Drift?

Mirko, me and our former bass player Tomasz founded DRIFT in '96 as a
last minute solution to help out friends of ours who put on a show a needed
a support band. We wrote our first song in the back of the club and played
10 min. after. It was more of a joke and turned out to become a serious
band. Dominik joined us in '99 and was doin' another band called "Bleeding"
(RIP) besides DRIFT. Our latest addition is Stephan. He used to play in
another Viersen based band called "Bloodstring" (RIP).

Last year you did a splitcd with copykill on alveran records - you first fulllength
is announced to be released in October on Alveran Records - tell us about your
release and the fulllength!

To make a long story short: Copykill and us planned to do some release
together since their demo was released by DEAD SOIL RECORDS (a label I was
involved in) and our brothers' label SPILL THE BLOOD RECORDS. Sascha of
Alveran was into our idea and "Conceptions Of Mayhem" was born. Our new
full-length carries the name "Stalkin' like Killers" and will be a mad bomb.
The songs differ from those of the split in one or the other way cos the
sogwriting developed but it's still brutal and aggressive and who saw us
live lately will agree with that. Che' of Born >From Pain will join us on a
song called "Enemy Grounds" and Bud Spenca of STS will appear on another
one. We can't wait to hit the studios and bann the hate.

What is Drift about? What are your lyrics about ? How would you describe your
music to someone who never heard hardcore? What bands would you compare yourself
to (stylewise/lyricwise)?

DRIFT is about us - our lives. It's the downside, the frustration and the
hate we feel. We just carry our personal ideology with that, we don't label

What brought you guys into hardcore? What do you like/dislike about hardcore?
Nowadays and in the past?

I've always listened to metal, rock, hip-hop and was a punk kid back in
the days. I'd say it was a natural evolution.The scene has and always will
change for some kids. Shittalkers and player haters never die- so give a
shit, but I know without hardcore I would never have met all those crazy and
cool kids and wouldn't have been traveled to the places I've been.

What do you think about things like veganism or straight edge? is anyone in
Drift straight and/or vegan?

None of us is vegan or straight, we are far from that, but no big deal. Do
what you want. As long as you let me do my thing .

What bands do you like? favourite 5 hc-records and 5 favourite non hc records?

Concerning hardcore? It's defenitely the NY/NJ sound I prefer, but I
listen to everything that is good music. Kelis rocks, the new MOR, at the
moment Skarhead is on, I love Shai Hulud -for real it`s a large scale.
Alright, 5 to put in a list, let's see : CROWN OF THORNZ- Train Yard Blues,
DEATH THREAT- Last Dayz, MADBALL - Set It Off, KICKBACK- Forever War, BURN-
Shall be judged. And my top five of non-hardcore records: MACHINE HEAD- Burn
My Eyes, MOBB DEEP- The Infamous, BJÖRK- 2nd album, SCREWBALL- Y2K and
SOCIAL DISTORTION-White Light...but hell, to name only five is a pretty hard

Tell us what you think about the scene here ... europe ... belgium/netherlands
... germany - compared to the US if possible to you.

Everywhere is fuckin`crazy, I think the only difference between Europe and
the USA is that overhere kids gotta learn to buck wild on the fast parts
instead of waiting for the next e-mosh to tear shit apart,ha,ha,ha.

What do you guys do besides of Drift? some stuff like distro, label etc? what
do you do for your living?

Dominik is doin' civil service at the moment, watches porn and fills in
the bass for BATTLESWORD (ex-Bloodstring), Mirko studies architecture and
Stephan is doin`training for a therapy job and creates pretty dope
drum'n'bass-HipHop beatz.I was involved in a label called DEAD SOIL RECORDS
and we did the BLEEDING 7" and the BLOODSTRING/ FURNACE split 7", the
HERETIC demo, the COPYKILL demo together with SPILL THE BLOOD RECORDS and a
tape compilation called "The Basement Riot Session" feat. BLEEDING,
BLOODSTRING and DRIFT, I published a zine called SOMBER BRIDGES, play in
another band called "FALLIN' FROM GRACE" and I still put on shows with Peter
of STS in Fearsen. I'm doin' training for multimedia design and
construction work for a living.

Where do you see your influences? Are there any bands that influenced you/the
band in writing music and in the way you write your lyrics?

Everyone who's creating music is influenced by what he listens to, it's
the same with us. There's no particular band or sound we want to have, we
filter our own sound and do our own thing.

What about shows/tours in the near future? do you plan to do a european tour
in the near future?

We're working on a tour and some dates with Born From Pain and Kickback.
At the moment we don't play out that much cos we keep our focus on the new
recordings.We still have to finish one song and rework several parts.

Do you remember your best and worst shows? And why were it good or bad shows?

Seems some shit always happens like that PA system that started burning
during a set, Mirko getting involved in a car accident while driving to show
with DROWNING and stuff like that but we always have a good time when
playin' out and give a shit for how long we drove to get to the venues when
kids set it off on the dancefloor it's all worth.

Where do you see the future of our scene? In which way will it go?

I really can't tell you but hardcore will always stay an underground
culture that's for sure.

What are the aims you try to achieve? with the band? personally? what are important
aspects of your life?

As for the band it's just havin a good time, hang out and play music.For
me personally it's the people I love: my family ,my girl Desiree and my
crazy ass friends.

Last words?

Everybody check
for more info and updates about the band and our upcoming release "Stalkin' Like
Killers",what's up to the Copykill back-up choir ( Fürze mit Würze Crew) and check
the new COPYKILL cd which will be released soon, whoever reads this and is into
Hip-Hop check out my boys DNF featured on the latest JUICE cd ( Grenzland Representz!
) , what's up to all the Ruhrpott bands we hang out with, RBS Crew, our brothers
in STS and the KingSizeMafia, Born From Pain and the entire MOC, Devil Inside
and the lil' Istanbul connection, Stephan and Kickback, Jean-Marc and the list
like always is endless but you motherfuckers know who you are- fuck the world