Interview mit Evergreen Terrace



How would you describe the sound of EVERGREEN TERRACE? There are a lot of bands you are compared with, which comparisons do you like which don’t you enjoy?
We get compared to a lot of bands. I think it has a lot to do with how diverse our style is. I don’t like getting compared to Poison The Well mainly because we sound nothing alike. People think if you have some singing parts that you are just another metalcore/singy rip-off band and that’s not the case.

Your latest Album "Writers Block" is a pure cover album (except the last track). How did you come up with the idea of a cover album or was your main purpose to bridge the time till the next ‘regular‘ studio album?
We played a show under the name Ralph Wiggum to help raise money for our friends band to put out a 7 inch. We played all covers and it was an amazing show. We played on the floor, it was all our friends there, sing alongs. Great time. We had been wanting to do a cover CD just for the fun of it for a long time and we brought the idea up to Eulogy and the agreed so we went from there.

You chose a variety of songs from the 80ies till the late 90ies. How did you as a band choose the track list?
Pretty much songs we liked a lot that we thought would make good hardcore songs.

How was your approach to the selected Songs? Did you just go for the cover or did you want to reinterpretate those songs?
Both. If that makes sense.

I have to admit that "Maniac" is a pretty cool track and the song is definitely one of my favourites on "Writers Block". How did you come up with this track? Do you just like the song or are you big Flashdance fans?
We thought it would be funny.

You obviously have some punk roots and chose OPERATION IVY and NOFX for covers. Which current punk bands do you listen to and in what way did THE OFFSPRING, as one of your chosen bands, influence you?
I don’t think that The Offspring influenced us too much ..we just liked the song. As far as punk bands I like go… Black Flag is a favourite of mine, Bouncing Souls are one of the greatest punk bands of all time, Rancid, Against Me, Propaghandi, Op Ivy… tons of bands really. That’s what most of us grew up on especially in our early teens. A lot of local punk bands that never went anywhere outside of our home town were what I listened to in high school.

U2‘s "Sunday Bloody Sunday" was already covered like a hundred times. Why did you choose to make another cover of this song?
We covered it on our first full length in 2001 and thought we could play it better this time around. We never knew any other bands covered it till we went and saw H20 play in our town a little while back and they played it. We thought it was funny. It’s a good song.

Did you get any feedback from any of those bands you covered? If yes, how was it?
Supposedly a guy from Depeche Mode heard our cover of “Enjoy The Silence” off of “Burned Alive…” CD and liked it. But that’s just what we heard from someone else so who knows.

When is your next album scheduled and what can we expect from the next release?
Spring 2005. We go in to record the record in Feb. The album is set to be titled “Sincerity Is An Easy Disguise In This Business”. We are all really stoked on the new material and we think people will be really stoked on it too.

An EVERGREEN TERRACE DVD is going to be released in January. There are a lot Band DVDs currently on the market, is yours somehow special or is it just something for real ET fans?
I think is ours gets a little more personal with us than the other DVDs I’ve seen. It’s a lot of live stuff with good audio and a lot of tour footage and us being retarded.

What are you guys doing if you are not making music?
Depends on who you ask in the band really. Josh does Casey Jones, I work when we aren’t touring and hang out with my friends a lot. We go into the woods and shoot guns. We all do a lot of hanging out and doing fun stuff.

Did you already tour through Germany? If yes, how did you like it and did you have any mentionable experiences?
We have never been to Germany or Europe for that matter…but we heard there was a pop-punk band from there with the same name as us…maybe we’ll have to fight them for the name.

Thank you very much for you time. Do you have any final comments?
Just keep an eye and an ear out for our next full length in the Spring. We are going to make to the old country soon after the release of that record so watch out.