Interview mit Evergreen Terrace



1. I'd like to start off the interview with asking about your drummer Kyle's health status...

Kyle just finished up physical therapy and is now back behind the drums. He ended up with a steel plate in his shoulder and a shit load of medical debt. He played the last 4 shows on the Hard Knock Life tour and will be touring with his from here on out.

2. Your new album is called „Almost Home“. Is there a deeper meaning behind it?

When the band stated it was strictly for fun. After years of touring and releasing records it became our entire lives, our careers, our everything. Obviously when something becomes such a big part of your life stress comes with it. For a while we really started to let the "business" side of things and the "politics" of the music industry effect us, which sucked. Around the same time when our bass player quit, things really were rocky for the band. We weren't sure if we wanted to continue it but in the end 4 of the 5 of us decided to continue under the idea of not letting all the bullshit effect us so much and going back full circle to what it was like when we started.

3. Who did the artwork on „Almost Home“?

Clark Orr, he is does most of the artwork for Johnny Cupcakes clothing.

4. The release of your last album is not that long ago and you generally don't seem to need that much time for making a new record. Any words on your way of dealing with tours and finding the time for the writing process or gathering song ideas?

It's been 2 years since the release of our last full length record. We are just like most other band, we tour our asses off and we write when we have down time. We always have song ideas, that's why we write songs.

5. It's good to see that you are always the same band while becoming more melodic with every album. You carry the energy of your first albums on and on and to me that's something very interesting, because it seems that many bands mostly see the progress and kind of forget their roots. What do you think about that?

It's a natural progression for a band to change their sound in a certain way or style. In the end, it's up to the band not the fan. Luckily for us our fans consider us a band that just keeps getting better at what we do instead of changing who we are. Even though everything says they want change, when it comes to bands, they usually hate it.

6. When you are touring in Germany, it seems that you are more a band for festivals. Are there also plans for a headlining tour in Germany sometime soon?

We just did headline Germany this past summer. Can't wait to do it again. Germany is pretty brutal.

7. Since you made a lot more gigs after 2003 and surely have a lot of funny things to show again, it would be nice to know if can we expect a second DVD...

You never know, maybe.

8. Did a lot of changes occur to EVERGREEN TERRACE since becoming more popular?

Yes, there is more alcohol for Craig and Andrew to get drunk on.

9. Is working with the other guys any different than back in the days when you started the band and did you ever thought of being popular? Does it take influence on your lives?

No, we never thought it would get to this level. The band has become my life, and sometimes that really sucks. It keeps us away from home and away from relationships, friendships, family, etc but at the same time it offers us things that no other job could.

10. On the new album you have a track called „God Rocky, Is This Your Face?“. Which Rocky do you mean and where is the sample at the beginning from?

The sample is our old bass player talking. It is a line from Family Guy.

11. Refering to my review, will there ever be „No Donnie, These Men Are Cowards“?

Highly doubt it.

12. I'll leave the closing words up to you...

Don't be a dick: go buy our new record, ALMOST HOME! See you in the pit!