Interview mit Everybody Gets Hurt



1. Would you first introduce your Band to our readers?

Chris Benetos Bass

Steve Pettit Guitar

Vato Rob Vocals

Paulie "No Neck " Drums

2. How did you guys get together?

Steve: The band started in Feb 1996. Me Chris and Rob started a band that was
true Hardcore , from the heart. Then we were Blessed with the arrival of young
Paulie "No Neck" , God Bless

Chris Benetos : The road has been hard and there's been a lot of hills but we
kept it together , now where gonna record our first CD in May 2001 . Hopefully
it will be out by the Summer 2001 .

3. What do you guys do jobwise and stuff?

Vato Rob : I'm a vending machine repairman / filler . A shit job for a load
of shit.

Paulie : Right now I am a load and I don't do anything except play music . I
will be working soon .

Chris Benetos : I'm a painter and an Artist

Steve : I'm a Union Carpenter 157 , I build Manhattan .

4. In the past 5 Years you released a lot of 7"s, Demos and Compilation
Tracks, what's about a Full Length Album?

Paulie "No Neck " - The Full length album will be arriving shortly
. And will surely blow your Fuckin Head Off.

Chris Benetos : Were recording May 2001 , and were gonna be putting the album
out ourselves , so hopefully it will be out in this Summer 2001

5. What did you exactly released so far?

Chris Benetos : 1997 Demo - Sold Out , 3 Split 7" Our first split was
with one of our Brother band Billy Club Sand , from the Bronx that was our first
7" it's now sold out. Our second 7" was with a band called Strong
Intention from Baltimore NY this record is sold out and our third 7" was
a Split with our brother band Cold Front from NY also Sold Out .

6. Last Year you were supposed to come over (the Tour with BOLT from Finland)
but than you cancelled it. There where al lots of rumors about the Band split
up and stuff.... what was the real reason for that? What went wrong?

Chris Benetos : Yo Kristian from Full House Records / Down My Throat from Helsinki
Finland hooked us up on that tour it was a real shame we couldn't do it . Thanks
Kristian , hopefully we'll do it again soon . Beware !

Paulie : The reason for us not going on that tour is because at that time it
was going to cost a lot of money out of our pockets and me and the singer at
the time couldn't afford it .

7. Surfing on the Internet I found the MP3 of Bringing it Back, so I was
curious about EGH? What's actually up with you guys? Who's the final singer
of EGH?

Paulie : The final singer is Rob Cullin . He was in the band I joined , there
were problems . He left . A year and a half later he came back . It's for good

Chris Benetos : It definitely is for the good. You never want to turn your back
on a friend .

Rob : I'm the singer "Vato" Rob "Twiggs" . I started the
band with Chris and Steve and I got lost for about a year and a half . My boy
Kenny took my spot for a minute , He wrote the lyrics to "Bringing it Back"
and he's singing on the recording.

8. On 7. April 2001 was the First Show back in Castle Height?

Chris Benetos : April 7th was our first show back at Castle Heights (Castle
Heights is a club in Queens NY) with Vato Rob singing for us again . The show
was incredible , I never seen so many people in that club before . We'd like
to thank our Brother bands All Out War and Billy Club Sandwich for letting us

play that show with them .

Rob : We already crash the Superbowl of Hardcore in DC . And a couple of shows
here and there .

9. What're influences for Everybody Gets Hurt?

Rob : Life , Pain , Misery , Hate . Everything that eats at my heart everyday.
Woman , Money, Authority ( I hate people telling me what to do ) . My main influences
, Life.

Paulie "No Neck" : I am influenced by a lot of music . I Love everything
from Classic Rock to Old School Hardcore to Metal . I love bands like The Doors
, The Bad Brains , Led Zeppelin , Agnostic Front and Sepulutra .

Steve : My influences are Classic Rock , Old School Hardcore , some Rap and
a lot of Anger .

Chris Benetos : I keep an open mind about everything life has to offer , I'm
into every kind of music imaginable , I'm deep into Hardcore music and I collect
Hardcore music from all over the world . I have a lot of stuff. Bands I like
are The Jimmy Hendrix Experience , The Doors , Janis Joplin , Marvin Gaye ,
Black Sabbath , Agnostic Front , The Cro Mags , Sworn Enemy , Billy Club Sandwich
, Eye 2 Eye , 5 Minute Major , Irate , Leeway , Ludichrist , YDL , Murphy's
Law , The Bad Brains , PJ Harvey , Red Hot Chilli Peppers , Mental Abuse , Crumbsuckers
, Crawlspace , Dyingrace , Full Blown Kaos , On The Rise , Cold Front the list
goes on and on .

10. Who write the lyrics and what's they are about?

Rob : My lyrics depend on the song . If the band writes the music first I let
the music kind of sing me the harmony of the vocal structure and take that feeling
and convert it into word. Lyrics I'll write first and them hum the music to
Chris , those lyrics usually have a specific target or message. The lyrics vary
from song to song.

11. Hardcore becomes big business in the last 5 years. Most bands are into
playing only with big Metal bands and stuff. Hatebreed is very hyped in the
moment over here. What's up over there? What's your opinion on that Hype nowadays?
What's the goal of EGH?

Paulie : I think Hatebreed is a great band . There good friends of mine and
they're doing what they gotta do . I would Love to tour with big Metal bands
. I have been to the shows and they're great .

Chris Benetos : All I want to do is Rip Up Clubs and create good music that's
it and Fuck what anyone else gotta say about you.

Rob : In five years I've seen bands make money , I've seen bands perpetrate
like they make money . I got a day job , I don't need your Labels Chump Change
. Everybody Gets Hurt will keep on doing what we do .

Steve : The Everybody Gets Hurt Goal is playing music from the heart , Friendship
and having a good time.

Chris Benetos : Always

12. What else than Hardcore is important to you?

Paulie "Neckless" Besides Hardcore my family , my friends and my
weed are most important to me .

Rob : Pot and my dog .

Steve : My health

Chris Benetos : My Mother , my Grandmother and my Brother and all my friends

13. What will you do if you win 5 Million Dollar?

Paulie " I would buy mad green bud ! Hook my parents up with a million
. Get a nice little place and party like a ..............

Rob : I would build a compound in the middle of America . I'd hire the least
Shihan in the world and train me to be a human wrecking machine .

Steve : Move to Mexico and never be seen again . Maybe

Chris Benetos : I'd save it . Money is not easy to come by in life. It takes
real hard work to get it , I wouldn't take that for granted .

14. Tell me your 5 Non HC Albums ever?

Rob : Jimmy Hendrix " Experienced "

Doors " Greatest Hits "

Carnivore "Revelation "

Black Sabbath " Anything"

Alice In Chains "Sap"


Spice Girls "Spice up your life"

Destinys Child " Independent woman "

Paulie : Pantera " Far Beyond Driven "

Led Zepplin "4"

Deftones "White Pony"

Weezer "Pinkerton"

Steve : Pink Floyd " The Wall"

Alice in Chains " Dirt "

Kreator " Pleasure to kill"

Mob Deep " The Infamous "

Puya Fundamental

Chris Benetos : Janis Joplin " Pearl "

PJ Harvey " 4 Track Demo Sessions"

Sade " Love Deluxe"

Eric B and Rakim " Paid In Full"

Public Enemy " It takes a nation of a million to hold us back"

Alliyah "Try Again "

15. A couple of weeks ago, Madball makes popular that they are decide to
call it quit after there European Tour! How do you feel about that?

Paulie " I think that it sucks . I like Madball . They're one of the great
NYC Hardcore bands .

16. What can we expect in the Future?

Rob : The Full Length will be recorded in May , 12 songs of Pure fury , some
old and some new so what up .

Chris Benetos : Definitely expect us to give it our all to every performance
, weather it be in front of 10 kids or 3000 Everybody Gets Hurt gives 110% all
the time , Pure Heart to every show we ever played.

Paulie : Expect the world.

17. It was nice to talk to you, thanx for answering all our crap! Do you
have some final words?

Rob : Have a miserable day and shit assed life .

Chris Benetos : When life hands you a Shit sandwich tell them to pass the mustard
. There's nothing you can't do in life . Fuck it up . Beware of The Goon Squad
. Everybody Gets Hurt Full Length Comin soon . Thanks Simone and All Schools.

Paulie : Thank you Simone . Hope to see you over there soon .

Steve : It's a secret you'll have to see , it'll stand the test of time . Thank