Interview mit Five Minutes Major



Would you please introduce your Band to our readers?

GM: Kevin Q on vocals, Eroc on guitar and vocals, yours truly Gary Muttley on
bass, and Tom "Sugarfoot" Murphy on drums.



What do you guys jobwise and in your freetime?

GM:Kevin runs Fat Cat Tattoos, putting silly pictures on people's skin. I work
for a record label, doing reports and computer crap. I also bounce at Castle
Heights sometimes. The other guys drive trucks, ride bikes, and do weird shit.

kq: enjoy life and work as little as possible. try to be good.

How did you guys get together and how long is 5MM around?

GM:These guys were around for like 2 years before I joined up with them. I knew
Kevin back in high school. Eric and I had met before, when my old band Distance
played some shows with his other band One Second Thought.

kq:well this band used to be inside job. then ij decided to call it quits (singer
was quitting) and i just happened to be there to sing the songs at practices
and i just ended up being the singer..sorta..hahahathe guys were my friends
and i knew the words already so..we just wrote new lyrics and recorded the demo
in 6/98

Are you in any other way active in our Subculture, like running Labels,
Fanzines or stuff?

GM:I tried booking shows a few years ago, but I gave up. I lost some cash, cuz
if you can't get Hatebreed, kids don't come. And a lot of bigger bands want
guarantees. I was trying to build up a new spot for matinees in Manhattan, but
the kids didn't support it. Whatever.

kq:well i will be starting to put out stuff on my label inside job records.
a fat cat comp should be fun. i have written some things for fanzines
like guillotine, inside job and other zines as well.. itry to work as little
as possible because my regular job tends to drain me. long hours and shit. but
i go to as many shows as i can and definitely

try to do as much as i can for 5mm and all the fhb krewbands..

5 Minute Major is a very strange name for a band to me, what's it about?
Why you took especially this one?

GM:Kevin can take care of this one, I wasn't around back then.

kq:hockey thing..if you like hockey you know what we are talking about. its
just something you get when your a bad boy.

Your brand new Debut Album is on European Label, Inner Rage Records. How
did you get in contact and why did you choose a French Label?

GM:Kevin took care of that deal. I hate the French.

kq: well jean marc and fabrice got in touch with me and said they were down
to do it. we were down to do it so. it went. they came to chill for a little
while . they were cool so we did it.

You also released your Demo on a Eurolabel, do you have so many contacts
over here, or what's it about?

GM:People in Europe appreciate hardcore, and they wanna help out bands from
the US, especially NY. Most kids in NYC don't appreciate it, because they get
big shows all the time. People in Europe look out, because they're not so damn

kq: actually one of our former members, tall paul worked out a deal with spill
the blood to put the demo out in europe. we had nothing to do with it. but peter
is mad cool. he has a few demos left. i hope he can get rid of the,..hahaha..settle
the score was out in the us already and i had sent a few hundred to
europe and japan but this was way easier. stb could sell it easier in europe
than i could. they goto shows and shit..

We got the past and the present, now talking about the future: I heard your
next stuff will be released on Full House Records Finland? What's up with that?

GM:Those guys seem to be pretty rabid about working with us. They email Kev
all the time, and they want us to get in and record. We're writing songs now,
and hopefully we can get this thing out soon.

kq: hell yeah. i met the fullhouse man, kristian, around the same time i met
the irr family. he is really a cool down to earth guy. i cant wait to get working
on the fullhouse release and to visit finland. whats up with that?i

dunno why you have a problem with fullhouse?they are definitely down with 5
minute major. fullhouse is the shit.i cant wait to stomp around helsinki..shit
thats a dream of mine. play hockey in finland...on a river or some shit..woohoo...i
am so down..

Working together with a label, what's important to you?

GM:It's tough to communicate, especially overseas. You don't have the luxury
of sitting down and planning shit out. We had a few problems with Inner Rage
when we were getting it all together, but we worked that out. We did all

the artwork here, because we didn't feel that what they did was a good representation
of who we are. Luckily between me and Kevin, we have the resources to get that
kind of stuff done, cuz if we didn't it would be rough. As long as we can get
quick answers from people, and work together to get things done to the satisfaction
of the four of us, that's all I really need.

kq:of course it is..but reality is reality and business is business you have
to be smart enough to realize that

The Cover of the new CD is a little bit untypical I guess, what's the bridge
on the front about? Is there a special story?

GM:That's the Hell Gate Bridge in Astoria Queens. It's a black & white
picture Kevin's girlfriend Jet took, and we tinted it. Astoria is home for us
really. I used to live there (and I'm trying to move back), Kevin and Tom live
there. Astoria also happens to be the home of great hardcore, like Leeway, Breakdown,
Crown of Thornz, and Cold Front. Anyone who knows the area will recognize the
pic right away.

kq:well we dont want to be typical i guess.we try to be our own people. we are
not just copycat trendy bitchass motherfuckers. we dont rock gear cuz its in
style or "cool" yo,yo, lets pose in front of a mercedes for the album

cover..ahahahha..thats the hellsgate bride. it is in Astoria, Queens, new york
muther is a little contest thing between me and jimmy g from murphy's
law. we are in a race to see who had it on a cd first. actually grey are had
it inside their cd liner and beat us both..hahahaha.those guys rule. anyway
its the landmark of my neighborhood s the gate to hell where i liveand
work everyday and night. i feel happy when i see it . know what i mean?when
you come back home you just feel better and it is about a time ending for 5mm
so...when it ends..

Why you put the 4-Track Demo again on the full length?

GM:To take up space, I guess! Ask Kevin.

kq:the 4 track demo?cuz it fucking rocks..its like all our songs from the original
line-up on one that ok? i think it works well. all the songs and 2 live
ones..5mm beginning to present. fullhouse will release the new shit soon.

Listening to the Sound on the demo tape and on the CD, I see a very different
production. Sure, a Demo is a Demo - but I think the mix of the album is a little
bit too clean, what do you think about it? Are you all happy with the recordings
on the debut? Again Mike Dijan was producing this stuff, why and how was the
work together? Tell us a little bit about it please?

GM:I didn't play on the cd, so I can't really talk to much about the recording
and mixing. A lot of people think it sounds too clean. I can kinda see that.
The bottom line to me is that it still sounds better than a lot of stuff out
there now. Now that cd burners are common, people are putting out cd's that
sound like they were recorded on a boom box. It's terrible. For the budget these
guys spent on these recordings, it's a great sounding cd. It's no Ross Robinson
production, but it's worth it.

kq:i think the demo sounds better than the 6 other tracks so. my opinion is
this mike is awesome. he cleaned up the mix of the other 6. you should have
heard it before. anyway it was remastered after that anyway by the label. i
think the sound is good. i hear everything clear. im not that fucking picky.
its hardcore not fucking dream mike d is a good friend of ours
and we hopefully will always record with him. he knows us well and it always
works out good.

What do you think about KALEL, Mikes new band?

GM:I haven't heard a lot, but what I've heard is great. Mike Dijan is a genius.

kq:i love it. It's not hardcore but i love it.what do you think?

Why did you write the Song Niceguy? What's it about?

GM:Kevin - take it away

kq: me?tall paul wrote that. king of the beefcore songs,...hahaha paul still
sorta plays in one second thought...when they play..hahha

Reading your lyrics i saw that they are very critical, especially the Title
track "When it ends". Can you please explain this?

GM:I didn't write it, but I love the lyrics. The hardcore scene sucks today.
Too many bands out for cash, who don't care about the "kids". A lot
of people don't support new bands, a lot of bands just want to support habits,
and they end up preventing people from booking shows. It's like what I said
before about when I booked shows. Kids didn't come out. Bands cancelled on me
because someone else offered them a show with a guarantee. Fuck em. Hardcore
is about fun. Yeah, people wanna make money, and there's nothing wrong with
that because bands have expenses. But don't be ridiculous. feel guilty about something?i think its just a description
of actions that will lead to the downfall of this little thing thats been going
for a while named hardcore..

What do you express with your lyrics in general? Who writes them and how
important are they for your band?

GM:Everyone loves our lyrics because they find a lot of meaning in them. Kevin,
Tom and I think Eroc write lyrics. I'd write, but it would be about dragons
and shit. Too much Iron Maiden.

kq:we all dabbled in writing lyrics and they just describe how we feel at the
moment we wrote them.i think lyrics are important to the songs power. if you
have good lyrics its a good song.

Did you released more than the Demo and the Full Length so far? Perhaps some
Split Projects or stuff?

GM:That's it... we're working on a few comps along with the next full length.
A few covers might end up in different places if we can get it moving.

kq:demo when it ends on inner rage records, a track called defiance on the triple
crown comp, scene report and a track on the upcoming nyhc tattoos comp from
creepy crawl.thats all right is the fullhouse release late 2001

and a south american comp and more..

Did you tour the states so far? If yes, which band accompanied you?

GM:No tours yet. We're not crazy about touring cuz of our day jobs, but anything
is possible.

kq:not yet but soon enough. we all have jobs that we like so...its hard to give
up a job, when you have lots of bills to pay.

When will you come over Europe?

GM:There's a lot of talk so far, but nothing is set yet. Probably after the
Full House cd comes out.

kq:when someone pays for us to come over and we can all take off at the same
time. it sucks we can barely meet up for practice once a week.

What's your opinion on vegetarism and veganism? Why are so many kids from
our scene into that Movement and Support Stuff like PETA or Animal Liberartion,
or what else?

GM:I'm not one for a lot of that stuff. If you believe in something, that's
cool, but to push your views on someone else is not cool. If you don't wanna
drink, don't drink. Why make it a "movement"? I love animals, but
I'm not gonna go nuts about it, pouring paint on fur and shit. I'll do my part
to be good to animals, and that's the best I can do.

kq:hey look everyone likes different things. lots of people like it so others
follow..hey its healthy for you. animals are cool. you shouldnt hurt them. but
also we would be killing alot more types of animals if it wasnt for these kinds
of activists. mmm good dog muttley..howdya cook for the protection of
animals and kids and women. but i eat meat i like smoking and drinking and other
stuff. i have a old fat lazy dog that i love so..but i have a few friends that
are a little into their demonstrations and stuff..i live thru them..chris vegan
and the astoria animal lovin krew.

Are you into politics? Would you say that the Band is into political stuff
in any way?

GM:I'm opinionated when it comes to politics. I dunno about the other guys.
I think the country is run by a bunch of rich old white guys, and the average
citizen has no power whatsoever. This whole government is backwards, and the

last presidential election proved it. The rest of the world is still laughing
at us over that. The gov't goes through the motions, and fools some people into
thinking everything is good. Don't even get me started on this crap, I'll take
up three pages. The drug war, all that stuff, it's all bullshit.

kq:dont get us started here. i love theunited states. i hate everywhere else
because they take my governments attention away from our own internal problems.
we need to nurse the U.S back to its full strength and then start

helping others again. but i digress.we try to stay out of political discussions
as they require brainpower, we like to have fun at shows. at home we care alittle
because we are all citizensand pay taxes and have to deal with political bullshit
all the time anyway.

If you have the possibility to play the Star in a Movie, who and in which
Film you wanna be?

GM:I'd love to be Chewbacca in Star Wars.

kq:one of the hansen brothers drom slapshot..

Well, I hope you enjoyed our Interview - do you have some final comments,
probs, greetings?

GM:Big up to the entire Castle Heights Queens NY scene, the only place for new
bands to survive in NYC. All the bands, all the kids who come to shows. I won't
mention any by name cuz I'll leave someone out. Keep the scene alive and don't
fuck that place up with fights and shit. Thanks to all of our friend, and all
of MY friends. And thanks to everyone else all around the world who took the
time to check out our stuff, and everyone all around who has been supporting
us, the labels, the kids in Europe, Japan, everywhere. Keep supporting hardcore
music and all kinds of original music.

kq:thanks to for the interview. thanks to simone and rico for
being cool. thanks to inner rage records and the its all good krew. much respect
to castle heights,tom,eroc,muttdawg,billyclubsandwich,irate,everybody gets hurt,
breakdown,murphy's law,my wife jet,full blown chaos, mike and cold as life,kristian
and full house, pete and settle the score, max and killed in action, tak-9,thru
the discipline, cold front ,kalel, new heights , kevin and the condotto family
and all our a nice helps..say hi to someone you dont
know he might be cool..hahahaha..we should all start partying together instead
of fighting each other..parties at fat good.....karma is waiting for