Interview mit GF93



Christian: First of all who is GF93. What means the Name and what kind of music do you play?
GF93 is an Italian band that doesn't care about Italy, about names, and any kind of music or scene. If I have to give you a musical definition of what GF93 are I can just tell you that we are a new wave band influenced by hardcore...Someone says that we are an Hardcore band influenced by new wave, it's the same. We never attach labels to what we are and when we took the band name we thought about a catalogue number: GF93. We don't have interest in showing a "masterpiece" bandname, we don't like trendy monikers, we are just a catalogue number in music and in life because that's the way people builded the world.

Why did you decide stop playing Blackmetal and restart musically by starting GF93. And what is the musical Background of the other Members...

I stopped my former band Necromass becuase the end arrived..No plans, no regrets, just an artist must understand when a project must call it a day...I was satisfied with all the things we did with Necromass and after 2 albums I decided that everything was said both with the band and in the scene. I was totally bored of receiving crappy letters about Satan and Hoccultism from new Black Metal bands just posing in front of a fucking camera with corpsepaint...I understood that I had to keep these things for me. When a trend explodes I distance from the movement, that's what I am...Good or bad I don't care. The musical background of the other members is not relevant as they started with GF93 except for Fabio (bass player) that was and Electronic Music producer.

What influences you and your Music and what keeps GF93 individuals in that point?
We are influenced by the bad things and Evil that rule this world...We play music because we don't have any other catharsis, we see the world falling every day deeper down and we cannot stop our mission. We are like a shark in a sea of blood.

I really like everything Kurt Ballou takes part in. How does it came to this collaboration and what did he do for OSR?

Kurt is an amazing artist and a great man, he did such a great thing for us when he decided to work with GF93. He has an immense heart and he represents one of the best things of my life. Technically Kurt mixed half of the album and worked on some ideas in the songs but the most important things came from the person he is. His suggestions and help are something that I can't describe. I learned so many things from this experince and I understood what attitude is.

Tell us something about the italian Musicscene. I get more Cds by italian alternative Bands to review, than maybe 2 years ago. What is going on there? Two/three Years ago there was nothing but silence and today alot of Punkrockbands jump the Alps.

I don't know italian punk rock bands but I know some great bands like Ilid, None Of Us, Tipheret, Inkarakua, Zeroin, Anyface, Cadaveria, Mortuary Drape, Dead End Track, Schizo, ArtDisorder and some more. Italian bands "lived" in a complete oblivion for so many years and now are starting to react. The music that those guys play is amazing and full of rage...We have some great bands here that act like foreign bands helping each other and trying to BE instead of appearing. We also have some poser trendy bands that don't deserve attention.

Lets talk about your new Record. How would you describe it and in what points do you see differences to older Releases. Why shoud it be bought? And what topics are to be found on it. Do your Lyrics deal with italian politics?

OSR is a sinister album that is obviuosly different from our previous releases...I don't see any reason to buy it because who did it (us) don't care about finding a reason to sell it. The topics are my visions, my torments, my twisted dreams, my love, my dark world...Yes in a song I deal with politics but not italian, just my own idea of communism and a better world.

I read some Reviews of your new Album OSR. Some Writers criticize that there are too much different Styles of Music in. They say its impossible to find a particullar target audience and that this breaks up the Records. Its sounds more like some Songs not like an Album. What do you say to that?

Writers think that we did this record to sell so want find a target audience for us... Man, I am sorry, but I don't know what to say, do you really think that this thing deserves attention? We don't like any target audience, target music, target Hardcore, target Metal, target trend, target writer, target music or target whatever...They ripped their selves off showing their target audience that they are not writers. They are just a part of the crappy music biz to which we don't belong.

Tell us something about the upcoming Remix-Album. What will it feature and why a Remix-Record?
Our debut album is a completely electronic album and it's produced by Paolo Favati of Pankow/Einsturzende Neubauten/Sabotage fame. We started this band because of this influence and what we are playing today is just the evolution of this very first experince. Chris, a friend of us that runs a label called Mechanism Records, asked us to produce a remix album because he wanted us to work like we did in "Beaten" (the debut album) and we decided to do it. It is really exciting for us to go back to our roots and try again to defy ourselves with Electrinic's music evolution. This album will feature remixed songs from "Convulse All-Star" and "OSR" produced with different artists all around the world. We still don't know the release date but I thing that will be ready during this year.

What do you do beside the Band or can a Band like GF93 come up for itself?
We all work and have crappy dayjobs but I don't want to talk about this as we suffer waking up at 5 in morning to work.

And finally: You have to choose Music or girls...
I will choose my Love.