Interview mit Hell Within



Hello guys. Please give us a short introduction to HELL WITHIN and its line-up.
We are an intense, driving, and fist to your face style Metal band with hardcore influences. We have, Isaias Martinez on guitar, Matt McChesney on vocals, Tony Zimmerman on guitar, and I am Bubba on drums.

You changed your name from TWYTCH to HELL WITHIN. Why the change?
Collectively the band thought the name TwytcH did not fit our style very well. We had gone through a few line-up changes and our sound was not the same as with the past members. The name actually was created by a past member so we wanted to wash the slate clean and represent ourselves with a name more fitting to our current style and sound.

You’ve just signed a deal with Lifeforce Records. What do you expect from it?
This is our first time dealing with a label so it is difficult to know EXACTLY what to expect from them beyond obviously what is written in the contract. When you sign a deal you really can only EXPECT what was agreed upon in the first place. Some things that we would expect from them would be promotion, distribution, and guidance. We expect that they will work as hard as we do to get our music out to the right people who want to experience it. We are a very hard working band and have always persevered through all of the crap you get building a musical career. We would hope that by the label signing us they would have the same determination and drive to see us succeed, thus succeeding themselves.

What do you think about your label mates? Is there any band you really like?
The guys at Lifeforce know some good talent when they hear it. They have always been a sort of stepping stone for many great bands. From full record deals to distribution deals these guys have a good roster of bands. Bands like: Trivium, Caliban, Between the Buried and Me, and many others are some of the great line-up of bands to work with Lifeforce. We look forward to what the future may bring for Hell Within and Lifeforce and we hope that this album is a success.

There are a lot of bands these days who mix metal and hardcore. You definitely seem to be rooted in metal. How would you describe your sound and how does your sound differ from the rank and file?
We are all huge fans of Metal but individually we have other tastes in heavy music. One member may listen to a lot of death/thrash metal where another may listen to a lot of hardcore. This diverse line-up creates the sound we have become and with metal as the backbone to work off of, we create a unique blend of heavy, driving music.

"Asylum of the Human Predator" is going to be released on April 19th. What can we expect from your record?
You can expect to hear an intense driving metal album. We have put an enormous amount of effort into this album to make it as raw, hard hitting, and intense as possible, yet still have a melodic feel too. There is also a DVD included in the first releasing of the album. This DVD has a half hour of concert footage, interviews, and on-the-road shenanigans. I really think everyone who appreciates heavy style music will enjoy this album and DVD. Go out and get it!

What are the songs on "Asylum of the Human Predator" basically about?
The lyrics are what you take from them. We do not want to say necessarily that this song means this and so on. We want every person to take from the album what they feel inside from hearing it. Some are pretty obvious to their meaning, but then there are parts one could make their own life fit into as well. One person could take a song one way and the next person could take it another way. Neither one could be wrong.

Is there any song on "Asylum of the Human Predator" that perfectly stands for you as a band and your sound. If yes, what song and why?
Every song we write stands for who we are as people and a group. With every tune you get a piece of each member’s soul, blood, and tears. If I had to pick one that would best fit, I guess I would say “Godspeed to your Deathbed“. This song really shows the intensity we have and the changes in that song reflect our ability to constantly change to keep a listener tuned in. All of our songs keep their intensity through these numerous changes. Many new bands just keep reemphasizing the same riff over and over again creating a really drone feeling. We keep mixing it up through out each song, sometimes five or six even seven times, to make it interesting.

Did "Asylum of the Human Predator" come out the way you wanted it to or is there anything you would have liked to expand upon on the album?
The album came out pretty much the way we wanted it to. Through out the whole process we worked with many talented, experienced, and professional people. From John Ellis to record, to Zeus and Alan Douches to mix and master the album, we had some of the best there is for this genre of music. We are honored to be able to work with them and plan on doing the same in the future.

HELL WITHIN and each band member have their own page on Myspace. What do you thing about this whole community thing and do you spend a lot of time online?
Myspace can be a really good outlet for exposure. The internet itself is a great way to get your name out there without the help of magazines, radio, or TV. Myspace gives you the opportunity to talk with people from all around the world and the network there is only getting bigger by the minute. I would not say that we spend a LOT of time online, but I do know that we all do check on things everyday and try to connect with everyone that emails us or messages us through Myspace and other outlets.

You don’t seem to like “emos”. What else should we know about you?
We are not like that at all. We are down to earth, honest, “have a beer on me” kind of people. We like to have a good time whatever we are doing. Whether it is onstage, off-stage, in front of a bar, or even at home, we like to just live life to the fullest and never regret anything.

What’s on the schedule for the rest of 2005?
Right now we are preparing for a U.S. tour in the spring, late April to be exact. We will be starting the whole thing off with the New England Hardcore and Metal Festival in Worcester, MA on April 24th. From there we will be heading down the east coast playing many of the states on the way at least once, some twice. We will be covering all of Florida by playing the major cities there. We will then make our way across the southern half of the states doing shows in most states and a few in Texas. Then make our way up the west coast by doing a few shows in California and then making our way back through the states by hitting up Michigan, Wyoming, Ohio, and many others. Then when we return late July we will decide what will be next from there. Hopefully we will be able to get together with some bands and hit up the UK soon enough.

Thank you very much for your time. Do you have any final comments?
I would like to say thank you for this interview and I hope that everyone will go out and buy our album. We think you will really like the disk and the free DVD included. Check it out and we will see you on the road!