Interview mit Ill Nino



In March 2008 you released your 4th full-length CD, Enigma. What was
different about the writing/recording process this time around and how
do you personally feel about the album?

LAZ: The writing process for Enigma went like this: We all took a break to
write as individuals for about a month then we moved to California
began writing collectively. We wrote music right through the end of
the recording. This whole process took about five months. It was music
24/7, by far the greatest time doing a record. I love this record
more than any other past records.

How has "Enigma" faired in comparison with your other outputs and what
has the feedback been like so far?

LAZ: We really got to express ourselves on this record. it's a very though
out record and the writing and performance is our best. So far the
music community have really been understanding and embracing this one.
We really dug in deep and it's very rewarding when people relate to
our music.

What were some of your motivations and focal points when writing this album?

LAZ: The mysteries of life and the universe.

Why have you have spent 7 months in the studio to record "Enigma"?

LAZ: It was actually only 3 months of writing and pre-production and three
months recording. I guess if you wanna include mixing add a week or
two. Sometimes it's necessary to be done when you're done.

In my opinion the standard of the songs is much heavier and much
better than on your last album "One Nation Underground". Would you
agree with that?

LAZ: I will agree, I think it's better than any of our past albums. And, I
love all my past albums!

What are your feelings about the current situation in the United
States and the current situation worldwide?

LAZ: I think it's about time for a new world order.

In that you use tribal percussion, flamenco guitars and Spanish lyrics
you stay true with your Latino roots. Is it the way to make your music
original or is it a personal identity?

LAZ: It's the reason why this band came to be.

What is about touring in Europe in 2008? What do you have lined-up for
the near future?

LAZ: We're getting ready to kick of our Euro "GUERRILA CARNIVAL TOUR" it's going to amazing to return to Europe.

Do you ever meet any strange fans or get any bizarre gifts while on the road?

LAZ: I've never met a person that wasn't strange, some are just stranger than others!

Your last words?

LAZ: Thanks to all the Ill Nino fans all over the world for believing in us
always, some have never left us, some left and some came back, and
some are just arriving, welcome. We hope to you see all real soon.
Enigma is yours!