Interview mit Inhuman



Let's start with a short introduction about INHUMAN?

INHUMAN are a Hardcore/Punk band from Brooklyn, NY. I started the band in the
spring/summer of 1995. We have put out 2 full length CD's, 2 7" eps, a split
7" , most recently a CD ep and have been on quite a few compilations. The rest
of the line-up is Joseph James on guitar, Hank Hell on bass and Steve Gallo
on drums.

What're you guy's doing besides the band? Where does everybody work?

We all work, but I lost my job at a record company 4 days ago! It totally
sucks, but I'm a survivor. Hank works in graphic design for an ad agency in
NYC, Joe does shipping and recieving for an electronics company and Steve is
the young guy in the band so he works odd jobs and plays in another band
called On The Rise.

Tell us something about your latest release BLACK REIGN
(recordings/producing, the title, the songs.)! How did you come together with

BLACK REIGN is actually a demo from 2001 that we had wanted our fans to hear
since it had been so long since our last release came out. I had known Alain
from RPP from the early 90's and always thought he was a good guy. One day
last year I get an email from him and that's how it all started. We added the
2 live songs as an added bonus. The quality isn't so great, but that's
Hardcore I think. The message is there and so is the intensity.

From REBELLION to BLACK REIGN passed almost 4 years. Why did it took you so
long to release new material? What happened in the meantime?

Well, some line-up problems, that's one reason. Our old guitarist Walter quit
in June 2000 and Joe moved over from bass to guitar, then Hank stepped in on
bass. We had no set drummer till the spring of 2001 when we got Steve. Exit
Records totally screwed us by not doing ads or any promotion and closing its
doors 2-3 months after the CD came out. A lot of bad luck you can say.

I think the new songs are very different to the older ones. Not just the
music, but also the lyrics are darker. Did the Terror Attack of 9-11 had such
a strong influence in your song writing or something else?

Actually, no, the songs were written months before 9-11 believe it or not,
though you are not the first to think BLACK REIGN was 9-11 inspired. The
songs are representative of where the band was at during that time and where
we still are now. We are by no means the average NYHC in this sense. We are
drawn to dark themes and images where a lot of our peers are somewhat happy or
positive. 9-11 left a feeling in me that has yet to go away, a feeling of
dread and anger. But NYC is a tough place and we have struggled on. Just like
the spirit of INHUMAN if you think about it.

In the Song UPRISING is a strong criticism on the US government. Do you
think they 're responsible for what happened?

UPRISING is more about NYC and not the US as a whole. INHUMAN is not a very
political band, but UPRISING is a social/political song I guess. It's really
about standing up and speaking out against injustice and letting your voice
be heard. The US government isn't to blame for 9-11, the scum in the middle
east are to blame.

How do you guys look at the situation in Iraq?

Lately, the idea of a war is becoming more and more real and it's a bit
scary. The sad truth is that people like you and me have almost no say in
this matter at all. Protests and marches won't stop the decisions made by
the powers that be. If the president and the government wants this to happen,
it's going to happen. War or no war, I stand by my country. It would be nice
to see Sadam dead though...

What's your opinion on peace in the Middle East?

It may never happen. The hatred between Arabs and Jews runs so deep that I
think neither side even wants peace! But like I said, INHUMAN is not a
political band, so these are my opinions only.

Let's go back to your other songs. KILLING ME is a pretty unusual INHUMAN
song. How did this song develop and can we expect more from this kind of
songs in the future?

Yes, KILLING ME is the song everyone is asking and talking about and I'm
quite happy about that. It is a dark, Punk Rock song in the vein of Social
Distortion, the Misfits and TSOL. If a band doesn't grow or progress at all,
they die or get really lame and boring I think. We love Punk Rock in this
band and always have and Hardcore is the "bastard son" pf Punk, it's angry younger brother. Joe wrote the music and I loved it right
away, wait till you hear the new version on the next CD! It will sound 1000xs
better. More like KILLING ME in the future? Yes, I think so.

I heard that you got a record deal with A-F Records lately? Will RPP still
be your European label or was that deal just for BLACK REIGN?

The new CD on A-F will be out in the summer of 2003 and since A-F has no
European office, we are not sure who will put it out in Europe. Our deal
with RPP was done very un-business like and more on a friendship level which
was very cool of Alain (RPP boss).

Tell us something about the upcoming release THE NEW NIGHTMARE; how is the
new material shaping up? What can we expect?

As I do this interview, the drum and bass guitar tracks are all done as well
as some guitar. I can honestly say that THE NEW NIGHTMARE will be INHUMAN's
best release ever and I'm dead serious about it. We are re-doing a few songs
from BLACK REIGN, since there will be no US release for that CD ep. We have 2
songs on the new one that are the heaviest we have ever done called
"Sinister" and "Bloodlust" and we have an instrumental track called
"Nightmare" written by our drummer Steve that is pretty different and very

What is the craziest thing that ever happened to you on a show?

You know, I wish i had a cool answer to that question but I don't! Perhaps in
Europe something crazy will happen, I'm hoping for it now! Just a few cool
fights during our sets over the years, but nothing i would call "crazy".

What do you think about all those band reunions lately? All Out War,
Madball, Life Of Agony. There're some rumours about a Crown Of

LOA wasn't a "reunion" per say, they just did 2 sold-out shows to make ALOT
of money. I missed the shows because they sold-out very fast. I never mind a
reunion when it's good bands like All Out War and Madball. I just hope kids
in Europe realize INHUMAN never broke up and never went away and appreciate

Finally you guys come on your first European tour. What do you anticipate?

I have had that question a lot lately and I really anticipate kids just
showing up and having fun. INHUMAN has been around for nearly 8 years and we
have always had respect in Europe and I thank the fans for that sincerely. We
plan on giving 100% and kicking ass.

Thanks for the interview, any last comments?

No thank YOU for the interview my friend. And thanks to all the Hardcore kids
in Europe who understand what INHUMAN is all about. Check out and our new labels website
Stay Strong!