Interview mit Jason / Facedown Records, No Innocent Victim



1. Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Jason Dunn and I play drums for No Innocent Victim and Dodgin' Bullets
and run Facedown Records.

2. When did you start Facedown Records?

I started the label at the end of 1997. I came off of tour with NIV and saw
a lot of good bands out there that I wanted to help out and I wanted to get
more involved in the underground music scene.

3. So you're running a label/distro and you're playing in No Innocent Victim
and Dodgin Bullets. Is that good to combine? Isn't it a fulltime job,or are
you doing some other things besides that?

Well, it's more than a full time job, but I still have to work 3 days a week
at a print shop to pay my bills. But the label is doing better and I am able
to pay a few bills a month from it now. Hopefully soon I will be able to afford
to live off of the record label. There isn't really any money to be made from
being in a band, so I don't really make anything from NIV. and Dodgin bullets
never plays. It's just a fun side project. I am also married to an incredible
woman named Virginia, she works for me on the label and is the reason that it
is where it is.

4. What's important to you when you think about signing a band? Is it necessary
that they believe in God? That they are Christians?

Music and the message is most important to me. I like all kinds of hardcore
and punk rock, but I just look for bands that really catch my eye. All the bands
on Facedown believe in Jesus Christ and are Christian bands. When I started
Facedown, there was a lack of Christian bands getting into the scene, so that
is why I started this label. that is my vision for it.

5. The Label Facedown has a typical heavy/mosh Style- except THE DEAL, the
only Oi-Band. Do you concentrate on a certain style?

Like I mentioned before, I like all styles of music. Most of our stuff so far
has been heavy stuff like figure four and Dodgin bullets, except for the Deal.
But the Deal are doing awesome and they just finished a full US tour with Point
of Recognition and they did really good on tour. we also just released Anchor
which is more melodic like H2O kind of stuff. I am always looking for bands
that will broaden our label.

6. Why aren't your Bands touring through Europe? When can we expect Bands
like Ceasefire, Figure Four, Dodgin Bullets, POR to come over?

Figure Four will be the first band most likely to make it to Europe. Their
new record is being released in Europe in June on Kingfisher /Century Media
Records! On our own, we don't have enough distribution over there yet to be
able to allow our bands to tour there. Hopefully soon!

7. You're playing in 2 Bands! To me it seems that No Innocent Victim is
more the serious one and Dodgin Bullets is more like a big party, hang out with
friends on stage?

No Innocent Victim is a very serious band and we are getting ready to tour
the US again and hopefully come to Europe soon. Dodgin' bullets was just a fun
side project with our friends xdisciplex. We only did like 5 shows and we record
2 CDep's that are being re-released this summer as one full length!

8. After the Tour with Agnostic Front it got quiet around No Innocent Victim,
did you guys take a break?

When we returned home from Europe, our singer's little 16 month old son passed
away so the band took a break for a few months. We started playing again with
our new guitarist Tim in late March and then we started working on new songs.

9. The 22th May the new No Innocent Victim album will be released? The first
two albums sounds very different from each other, what can we expect from the
new album?

The new songs are much heavier and more aggressive. We feel like it is our
best and strongest material to date. We hope people like it as much as we do.
The artwork is also much better than any thing we have ever done. The cover
was done by Dave Quiggle from xDisciplex and Angelskin Media.

10. I read that No Innocent Victim will be touring with Hatebreed in Summer?
Are you coming to Europe again?

We toured last summer with Hatebreed and One King Down. It was a great tour.
We are hoping to go back out on the road with Hatebreed soon. They are on tour
with Sepultura right now and then they do the Ozzfest tour. They are huge over
here in the states! Hopefully we will be back to Europe this winter in support
of our new record.

11. Over here we hear only great stuff about your Scene, can you tell us
something about it? New Bands? Labels? Happenings.....???

The California scene is very good. There are a lot of bands and labels and
good places to play. Some of my favorite bands are Powerhouse, Point of Recognition,
Torn in Two, Over My Dead Body, etc.

12. I want ask you something that has nothing to do with Hardcore. These
thing/Persons a lot in the news, want to know your opinion about those things/Persons;

-BSE (mad cow disease)? - Don't know too much about it, except for the
fact that I don't want it to spread anymore than it already is.

-EMINEM? - a wannabe tough version of vanilla Ice! It's cool to be White
Trash and Eminem is at the top of that group. I don't like his music at all.

-NAPSTER? - Never been on their web site once. When I want to hear a
band I support them and buy their CD.

-GEORGE W BUSH? - I know a lot of people involved with hardcore in the
USA can't stand him, nut I personally like him and think he is doing a good
job as president so far.

13. Are you into Politics? What's you opinion on that?

Not too much. I follow some things on the radio, but I don't watch TV at all,
so I don't really involve myself in politics.

14. What's your current playlist and what are your favorite non hardcore

Lately I've been listening to the following records:

US Bombs "Back at the Laundromat"

Dropkick Murphy's "Sing Loud, Sing Proud"

Figure Four "when it's all said and done" Pre-release

Foo Fighters


I listen to a lot of different bands, but this is what I've been into lately.

15. A lot of good releases came out lately on Facedown, what can we expect
in the future?

On May 29 in the US the new Figure four CD will be out. This will be the biggest
release yet for Facedown. It will be out in June in Europe on Kingfisher. We
are also re-releasing Shockwave "Autohate" with 2 extra tracks and
new artwork and cover. Other CD's will be: Torn in Two's full length, Overcome
"More than Death" which will be similar to a best of CD, the Deal
full length, and that's about it for now. We are keeping real busy.

16. Some final words?

Thanks for the interview and to all our friends in Europe who support NIV or
facedown records. Hope to see you all soon! Visit our websites at:
or NIV's at: