Interview mit Jeniferever



03.04.11 - Bremen - MS Treue
04.04.11 - Köln - Subway
07.04.11 - Oberhausen - Drucklufthaus
08.04.11 - Offenbach - Hafen 2
22.05.11 - Wien (A) - B72
26.05.11 - Will (CH) - Gare de Lion
31.05.11 - Berlin - Comet
01.06.11 - Hamburg - Haus III&70
03.06.11 - Bielefeld - AJZ
04.06.11 - Leipzig - Nato

Who am I speaking with?

This is Martin Sandström writing.

How are you?

I guess we’re all fine.

You're living in berlin now, is this right?

Not exactly, anymore. Three of us, all but Kristofer, lived there for four months until recently.

the title of your new record "silesia" is taken by the former name of the berlin ostbahnhof. why?

It was near that station while on the Spring Tides tour that Kristofer found out that his father had passed away. He thought it would be nice to name that song after something connected to where he was at the time. And then we figured it should be the title track of the album.

Do you think berlin has a big influence on your record? which places in berlin do you visit often and which do you really love and kept them in your heart? some special clubs? some special stories around some places?

I wouldn’t say Berlin has had a big influence on our new record.
We moved there right after mixing it. But I’ve been in love with Berlin since my first visit. I like different areas of Berlin for different reasons. We lived in Mitte, which I think is quite a boring area although it’s central and pretty near everywhere. We spent quite a lot of time on various bars on Schönhauser allee in Prenzlauer Berg. Prenzlauer Berg is nice and tidy which can be good, but sometimes it feels like being in Stockholm which is a feeling I’d rather not get when in Berlin. I think Kreuzberg and Neukölln both have many sweet places. If I’d move to Berlin again I think I’d like to live in one of these two areas. Oh but I really like spending time in friedrichshain too. I like all the places in Berlin that I have spent a lot of time in. (Sorry for the lengthy answer).

I think the the new record sounds a bit more catchier, but in another way more dramatically. i think about "hearths" and on the other side on the title track. is there a special method you're recording an album or do you take it as it comes?

Yes, maybe it is catchier. I agree, it’s a bit more dramatic now. Don’t know why. The difference with this album compared to what we’ve done before is that we wrote the entire album in about six months (it has always taken longer before and the writing has been off and on because of tours). We had some ideas and pieces recorded before this but nothing even close to being finished. So we worked hard writing during the first half of last year and then in the middle of summer we went to Svenska Grammofonstudion in Gothenburg to record all of us together for five days. We’ve never recorded in this way before and it was very rewarding. I think we got a warmer sound and vibe to a lot of the songs because of this. Everything we recorded there was on analogue tape so that adds to the ‘warm’ sound in my opinion. Then we did quite a lot of additional recording in our own studio; acoustic guitars, synthesizers etc. And of course all the vocals.

You are coming on tour in april/may. What do you think about touring Germany? What makes it so special?

Personally I love touring. I think we all do. Germany has always been good and nice to us. I really like playing shows all over the country, but especially Berlin and Leipzig are always really good to play. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s quite similar to Sweden at the same time as it isn’t at all. I think Germany is a lot more music and musician- friendly. And people seem to be more open to different kinds of music in general.