Interview mit Jeniferever



01: How are you?

A bit tired but good. Been on tour for a week and it can be a bit
exhausting. But still a lot of fun.

02: Your Album is going to be released in Germany in April. Are you
nervous ?

It´s always interesting to see how a release will be recieved. But I
wouldn´t say we´re nervous. Becaue we really like the album. And
hopefully people will feel the same

03: Is it your first Germany Tour ?

No we´ve been here a couple of times before. and always had a good

04: What are your Expectations on the Germany-Tour and for the Album

We´re hoping to play for a lot o f people and that people will like the
album. And touring is always a way to get people interested. Hopefully
we´ll reach a lot of people that haven´t heard us before.

05: The Record is really atmospheric and as I watched the Album-
Layout I thought that you maybe want to express the Music on the CD
in this Layout ?

Yes we been aiming for the album artwork to fit the music. And we think
Karl-Henrik at Tjuvkoppla made a really good job.

06: Which Bands inspire you the most?

I think bands that work hard with their music is really inspiring. people
that put a lot of love and tought into what they do. Doesn´t really matter
what kind of music someone play. When people are really serious and work
hard it´s always really inspiring.

07: When you wrote Songs like on "Spring Tides", do you listen to
some specific Music or read some specific Books ?

Not really, I listen to a lot of music and sometimes I hear something cool
that maybe puts an idea in my head. But when writing songs we always try
to make something new and unique that no one´s ever done before.

08: What are your Plans after the Release and the Tour?

We´re gonna make some touring this fall as well if possible. Maybe try to
get outside of Europe which is something we´re really eager to do. But we
have nothing booked at the moment.

09: Maybe you come back to Germany?

Yes we´ve been talking to our booking agent about doing another german and
mainland Europe tour this fall. And since Germany is one of the best
countries for us to tour we really excited about coming back.